welcome to my mind

Photo by Sharath Giri on Pexels.com You are not welcome, none of you are. Yet you barge in and roam about to your heart's content, disrupting the contents of my heart. Regret dashes in first, stirring up a slight breeze. Regret over not saying more, not choosing to do more, not living in the moment… Continue reading welcome to my mind

Blog reflections

Hello lovelies! Turns out that you can get nostalgia and warm feelings in your tummy when looking back on old blog posts. I barely even scratched the surface of years of previous blog posts but I was just taking a look at my milestones page and dangggg I can't believe how cringy I was. Not… Continue reading Blog reflections

i wish

Photo by Nita on Pexels.com Sometimes I wish I wish there were certain situations I didn't experience certain events I didn't witness. Sometimes I wish I wish there was another way another universe where I can fly away. Sometimes I wish I wish I could just curl up in a corner where no one can… Continue reading i wish

Quarantine Life Update {ft. memes, food (!!), letters and more}

Hello beautiful peoples. I have finally returned to give y'all a mini (hopefully) life update on how I've been coping with quarantine and other exciting stuff that happened in my life :)) Also, isn't the sky just so gorgeous?! MCO/RMO, CMCO, RMCO These are basically the different abbreviations of the stages my country went through… Continue reading Quarantine Life Update {ft. memes, food (!!), letters and more}

Finally Making a Childhood Food I Always Read About

What's one of the most iconic foods you always read about in storybooks? For me, the answer would be apple pie. Weird right? Perhaps it's because I was brought up in an Asian family that always read storybooks written by and about Westerners and for some reason, there was always a mention of apple pie… Continue reading Finally Making a Childhood Food I Always Read About


Sometimes, I have a million ideas and can just type some random blog post up at any moment without a headache. But that stopped a while ago. Oh nooooooooo it's gonna be on of those "I'm sorry I left for so long without notice blahblahblah I'm gonna start anew blahblahblah and more blahblahblah." Welp. Sorry.… Continue reading Eh