Second Hibernation

Yeap you read that right! I'm going on another hibernation! "WAIT WHAT?!" *someone* screams. "BUT YOU JUST CAME BACK FROM HIBERNATION IN MARCH!" Uhm yeah sorry but remember this post? So instead of leaving f o r e v e r, I'll only be leaving for a while. Not too bad eh? The reason I… Continue reading Second Hibernation


HARPs Delay 2.0

Argh I'm so sorry but I can't post the final results of this contest I've dragged for way too long. It's just that there's a lot of things to be done- calculations, graphics to make, typing up the post itself, etc. Plus I'm going for a camp in 2 days' time and well...... there's just… Continue reading HARPs Delay 2.0

MOOP Contest Survey + ITWC Contest Open!

Hey guys! (sorry for “posting” twice today but this is kinda urgent!) Please go check this wonderful contest which I unfortunately won’t be able to participate in. It won’t hurt to look around 😉 (don’t be lazy)

Dancer for the King

Hey guys! It’s Lydia here!

All of your MOOP Contest photos were so amazing and I loved seeing your creativity come out in them so much! Today I’ll be going over a few things, so stay tuned!

Now let’s get on with today’s post!

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