Sometimes, I have a million ideas and can just type some random blog post up at any moment without a headache. But that stopped a while ago. Oh nooooooooo it's gonna be on of those "I'm sorry I left for so long without notice blahblahblah I'm gonna start anew blahblahblah and more blahblahblah." Welp. Sorry.… Continue reading Eh


Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

Photo by Evgeni Evgeniev on Unsplash but edited by meeeee! Wassup my dudes. I'm back from my mini hiatus (it was so mini that I barely even mentioned it... *cough cough*...and it only lasted for a month... or so...) Anyway, I killed finals (predict that however you want heheheh) and I'm actually quite pleased with… Continue reading Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!