Quality Over Quantity

Raise your hand if you have heard that phrase before. If you don't know what it means........ well it simply means the quality of something is more important than the quantity of that thing. If you still didn't get that just look it up. So anyway, today I'll be talking about how to make more… Continue reading Quality Over Quantity


on hate

Such a beautiful post. I totally agree with Catharine on this.
Express your opinions wisely; it can scar people for life it you don’t.

A Little Bit of Runion

To start: no part of this post will be political. I know those things always blow up and I’m not interested in that, so I’ll just start by saying that this is mostly opinion, and my mindset on this topic. It’s something that definitely needs to be thought about more often, though!

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7 Extremely Interesting Things I Have Observed About Blogging

Hello bloggers/readers! Welcome back to my blog which I have unknowingly fallen in love with 😛 Anyway, today I will be discussing 7 Extremely Interesting Things I Have Observed About Blogging.  What a mouthful. Let's dive right in! Remember to comment your thoughts after reading, as this is sort of a discussion post. Not all who… Continue reading 7 Extremely Interesting Things I Have Observed About Blogging

Series Week {Day 2} [Not-So-Enjoyed]

Welcome back to Day 2 of Series Week! 🙂 Today, let's run through two series(es) that were not-so-enjoyed by Starling. You might have a totally different opinion on them, and that's totally fine. Without further ado, let's begin! Kindly direct your eyes further down below by scrolling with your mouse. The Secrets of the Immortal… Continue reading Series Week {Day 2} [Not-So-Enjoyed]