First Time Fasting Experience

Hey everybody! In view of Malaysia's national day which was on the 31st of August (as you can see from my post here) my church participated in a 40 day fast prayer and I fasted for 40 days! I didn't fast on food though, but on..... Social media. Welp, YouTube to be more specific. That… Continue reading First Time Fasting Experience

Prayer of Hope

Father in Heaven Hear our cry Lift this torment Clear the sky. You are the one Who makes the moon glow Who raises the sun Who makes the river flow. You are the one Who gave Daniel courage When there was none To break free of the cage. Lord oh Lord We plead with you… Continue reading Prayer of Hope

3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked

Wazzup homies. On the 29th of July, I got this notification that I had blogger for 3 whooping years with WordPress. How's that for commitment? XD Hence the 3 donuts. One for each year. (I didn't make them but looks good xD) Thanks for the compliment, WordPress. Keep up the good work too! *whispers* You… Continue reading 3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked