Birthday Gifts

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog! I know I said I would do this post a few days later after this post but oops... time flew by too fast 😛 Anyway, I'm here now, to capture memories of my birthday presents I received this year, which I have never done before. Also, like every… Continue reading Birthday Gifts

Birthday Celebrations [Gratitude]

Wow it's been a while eh? Hey guys!! After more than a week of not blogging, I am baccccckkkk! Now, I'm not sure whether you'd like to know the reason for my absence but just in case you do, here it is- I recently celebrated my birthday with my brother because our birthdays are 1… Continue reading Birthday Celebrations [Gratitude]

Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

Photo by Evgeni Evgeniev on Unsplash but edited by meeeee! Wassup my dudes. I'm back from my mini hiatus (it was so mini that I barely even mentioned it... *cough cough*...and it only lasted for a month... or so...) Anyway, I killed finals (predict that however you want heheheh) and I'm actually quite pleased with… Continue reading Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked

Wazzup homies. On the 29th of July, I got this notification that I had blogger for 3 whooping years with WordPress. How's that for commitment? XD Hence the 3 donuts. One for each year. (I didn't make them but looks good xD) Thanks for the compliment, WordPress. Keep up the good work too! *whispers* You… Continue reading 3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked