Animal Rights

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Hello! I’m Starling. Previously known as PenelopeCrumb. What I meant to say is, its still me! The Authoress of 4Ever fantastic Friends! (Sorry I haven’t posted that in a few weeks) I have a new blog by the way. Anyway, let’s get on with the post! Yikes! I forgot to…

Collab With Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!!!!

Hello Guys!!!! I just remembered that I did a collab interview with the lovely Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures! Well, technically I did it with a stuffie by the name of………………. Brooklyn! Let’s begin! Her Questions My Answers: 1. Who is the messiest person you know? The messiest person I know is probably my… brother. 2. … More Collab With Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!!!!

1 Award & 1 Tag

Hiya! Guess what? I already  nominated for 1 tag and 1 award!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually, I already did the award but I’m still gonna do it anyway đŸ˜› Let’s begin! The Liebster Award: I actually did this award on my old blog, but I will do it again here. By the way, I took the image above … More 1 Award & 1 Tag