hi friends

Hi friends,

Wow. 2020 flew by just like that. I can’t say that we’ve had lots of fun times this year because we didn’t thanks to Rona. But when we did meet up, my heart was full to the brim, pressed down, shaken, and overflowing with joy. You guys truly made every single second spent together worth it (even thought it may be less than the previous years).

We’ve come so far together. I don’t remember when I met each of y’all exactly, but I’m definitely glad we did. From all our captainball days to inside jokes, from all nighters to watching movies in cinemas (the good ol’ days before corona sobs), from playful pranks to various meals, from fun trips to karaokes, from science co-ops to birthday parties, it’s been the best having each of you there. We may not always be able to meet up all at once, but I treasure every time I get to meet at least some of you.

It’s been such a pleasure watching each of you grow into the person you are today (and I hope to see the person you will become in the future too!), as well as growing alongside you bunch of grapes. I’d be lying if I said your influence didn’t help to mold and shape me into who I am today. I’m blessed to have friends like you guys who are trustworthy, faithful, caring, sarcastic, punny-ish, hilarious, good advice givers, and are always there for you. Around you peeps, it’s always sure to be a good time. Of course, not everything is just about having a good time, but just know that I appreciate each of you for who you are 😉

I love how when we make jokes about each other we don’t really take it seriously coz we know how far we can and should go and which buttons not to push. I love how we can play sports at literally anytime of the day *cough at midnight cough* . I love how we can have awkward silences but they aren’t really awkward coz we know everyone’s thinking hard of something to say but yet still waiting for someone else to say something first. I love how we can have spontaneous meet ups (sometimes). I love how we manage to bring up old inside jokes that give everyone a good laugh. I love how when we take pictures at an activity/event I always manage to make a couple memes coz idk how, but you guys always make funny, meme-able faces. I love how we can have “deep” talks late into the night where our friendship bonds are strengthened so much more than just talking over a meal. And most importantly, I love how we can still get together and be ourselves with each other even though so much has changed and we hadn’t met up in so long. That, is truly something priceless and something to remember.

If I’ve ever offended any of you (and I’m quite sure I have) I’m truly sorry. It was not my intention and I probably did not know what I was doing. But still, that isn’t really a good excuse. Let’s learn and grow together, k?

Thank you for allowing me to boss you guys around, shout at you, jokingly insult all of you, tainting your pure innocence with dirty dumb jokes, and making memes of your meme-worthy faces. I most likely would not have the guts to do all that with other people, so thank you for allowing me to be my true, aunty self and accepting me for it. (no, I will not give you money coz I ain’t yo mama plus also I need to save money but perhaps in the future when I start working then… we’ll see ;)) I really mean what the featured image says, I really thank God everytime one of you comes to mind. (I know not all of you believe in God but ya xD)

Although we won’t always have the same friends, remember that I will always be here for y’all anytime :)) I seriously can’t wait for 2021 and the memories we’ll ~hopefully~ make in that year. A lot of us will be taking major exams or moving onto new things soon, but let’s not neglect catching up with each other no matter how un-regularly it may be. Okay this is already way too sappy but whatever coz I probably won’t do this ever again. You guys better be grateful that I dedicated an entire post on my blog to you even though the whole blogging world has no idea who you are. Hehe jk. There’s definitely more I could say but I’ll stop here for now. Wishing y’all a virtual (early) merry christmas and a happier new year! ❤

Love always,
Everyone’s favourite meme aunty


3 thoughts on “hi friends

  1. ur welcome starling UWU thank you for your memes and we’ll always being your amazing self! Super glad to have met you and hope we can continue making more memories in hopefully the near future 🙂

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