Quarantine Life Update {ft. memes, food (!!), letters and more}

Hello beautiful peoples.

I have finally returned to give y’all a mini (hopefully) life update on how I’ve been coping with quarantine and other exciting stuff that happened in my life :))

Also, isn’t the sky just so gorgeous?!


These are basically the different abbreviations of the stages my country went through during the whole pandemic.

1. MCO- movement control order/RMO- restricted movement order
(these two are basically the same)
Basically everything was closed- educational institutions, businesses, malls, offices, sports, etc. except those considered ‘essential’ like grocery stores. People also could not go out unnecessarily, no interstate travelling (unless it’s an emergency and you need to obtain a permit), uhh basically JUST STAY AT HOME. New case count per day: hundreds.

2. CMCO- conditional movement control order
Some businesses slowly opened up and people could start to travel more, but like the name suggests, you need to follow the given SOPs. (standard operating procedures)
New case count per day: less than hundred, slowly dwindling (if I remember correctly)

3. RMCO- recovery movement control order
This is the period we are currently in, as I type this blog post up. This is the season when we are supposed to gradually emerge out and recover from the whole Covid-19, resuming to our daily lives. Basically almost everything is resuming to how it was before the lockdown started, with the additional social distancing, wearing of face masks (not required though), and hand sanitizers. With the exception of schools (only the ones taking exams this year are allowed to return) and certain close contact sports (like dodgeball huhu) The cases dropped drastically thank God, but sometimes still fluctuate now and then. New case count per day: very low! I can’t give a rough estimate since we’re still in this period but yes, one day we got around 2 cases! Woohoo!

My Malay workbook hahaha

Online Studies

I’m pretty sure that if schools closed, most of them would be doing online teaching so maybe you’re no stranger to it too. My school is no exception. Welp, actually it kinda is coz it’s an international school and the public schools in my country don’t have online studies coz they’re just way too big. But yes. Online studying.

How do I feel about it? I think it’s okay. One positive thing is that the teacher can now teach with barely any interruptions, but it’s harder for them to explain certain things compared to real life. Also, internet connection issues and teachers commenting on how silent and unresponsive in class we are, but in real life we’re the complete opposite. I promise.

So basically my whole day is occupied with these online studies. Sometimes after these classes, I would just crash on the couch or in my bed depending whether my brother is shouting with his friends over Fortnite in the living room. I kinda miss seeing my schoolmates though, and kinda forgot how my uniform looked like HAHAHA. I don’t miss the ironing though hehehe.
Oh, and one day my English teacher asked us to make memes about Covid-19. Here are mine XD

puking rainbows mco4228599541147692920..jpg

no i dont think i will mco8079203461651018938..jpg

kermit the snitch mco1273963458419246942..jpg

saying but mco5872971181281165145..jpg

I was debating between the first two, but decided with the first one because I didn’t want to offend the teacher 😛 (and yes, the 3rd one might be something you already saw on the internet but eh)

Oh yeah, since I drafted this post quite a long while ago, the government has now decided that schools can start opening again on the 15th of July onward in stages. I don’t really know how to feel about it? During the early stages of the MCO I kept saying I wanted to go back to school because I wasn’t used to online studies, but now I feel like staying at home coz I know I will miss being able to wake up just 30 mins before my class.

LOTS of Baking and Cooking

I did way more baking than I would have done if we were still living our normal lives. If you read my apple pie post then maybe you would have guessed that hehe. Here are some stuff I made:

Oreo ice cream with my bro!!
Kuih Keria with my mum. It’s a Malay dessert which is basically a sweet potato donut. (kuih means cake btw but the translation isn’t accurate)
Apple crumble < 3
MANGO SWISS ROLL (for father’s day)

My mum made lots of stuff too, both baked and cooked (which is why I put cooking in the subheading and then striked it out heheh) and my brother baked some cookies hahaha. Here are some photos of those:

Sandwich ingredients- homemade luncheon meat, tomatoes, salad
Her first time attempting burnt cheesecake!
Coconut butter cake mmm….
Scallion pancake I think?
Garlic and cheese breaddd
Tapioca kuih!!
COOKIESSS! (sorry for bad lighting ack)
Zhong Zhi for a Chinese festival celebrating the villagers who threw rice into the river for the fishes to eat instead of a man’s body.
This is what the inside looks like :DD

Nightly Family Devotions

When we were in mco, most of my family members were pretty free (with the exception of me haha) so we started doing family devotions every night, which eventually turned into a habit and which we are still going strong with right now.

FitOn: At Home Fitness Plans on the App Store


Because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sports for quite a while, I decided to take it upon myself and start working out at home. I started with just taking random exercises, combining them, and doing them which uhh probably isn’t the best way to do it diligently coz firstly it’s like a weird and unstructured workout and I ran out of self discipline after a certain time. Then me and a childhood friend reconnected through Instagram, and we decided to work out together heheh.

First, we did some name workouts for around 2 weeks; then moved onto 30 day abs and thigh challenge by blogilates which lasted for, well, 30 days; next we followed some random workouts she found online; we went back to blogilates and did the 100 ab and squat challenges, and then she found this app called FitOn which we’re currently using.

Btw, I reaaaally recommend this app ahahah not sponsored or anything but I feel like the instructors (even the person behind blogilates is on there!) on this app are really encouraging and you can go at your own pace, and the workouts are designed to suit your needs. How cool is that?! I mean, I’ve never used any other workout app before so maybe FitOn is just like any other fitness app but I’m currently using this and have been for around 2 weeks now so : D Blogilates is great too since most of her exercises don’t require any equipment and she’s SUPER enthusiastic, encouraging, and energetic.

So yup, I think I’m going great with these workouts heheh hopefully I can go back to sports soon so I can see how strong and enduring I truly am.

Typewriter, Vintage, Old, Vintage Typewriter, Retro


*the picture above doesn’t really have anything to do with letter writing but I just chose it off Pixabay coz it looked cool and it’s somewhat related to writing hehe*

This is another huuuuuuuge highlight for me because I’ve always wanted a penpal but I don’t wanna give my address away to random strangers on the internet hahaha. But remember that childhood friend I reconnected with online as mentioned above?? ^^ She currently lives on another continent and turns out she was looking for a penpal too coz apparently whenever she writes people letters they never write back 😥 So we exchanged addresses and started writing letters. THE LAST LETTER FROM HER TOOK 3 WHOLE MONTHS TO ARRIVE ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I nearly wanted to write her another one because I thought it would never arrive heh. But I prayed for it almost everyday and one day, it really arrived gahhhh PRAYER WORKS MIRACLES GUYS NEVER STOP PRAYING!!!¡¡¡

I think that’s my life so far in quarantine haha. Wow I had no idea how much I missed blogging and the other bloggers :’)

Stay safe!
Stay sound!
Stay sassy!

How has your life in quarantine been? Did you even quarantine yourself?? (heheh) Which was your favourite meme that I made? Do you workout? How about writing letters?



6 thoughts on “Quarantine Life Update {ft. memes, food (!!), letters and more}

  1. Fun!!!! I love writing letters! I totally redesigned m blog!! I made it private, so i thought i’m private so i should just redecorate the whole thing! I even changed the title!! XD Have a great day!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello! It’s good to know that your country’s cases are going down!! Based on the abbreviations are you in Malaysia?? My mother is from Singapore with relatives in Malaysia 😀 Sounds like they’ve been doing much better than us here in the US. The US has been such a mess with no leadership and cases are now climbing up like crazy. We just had 543 new cases in just my state alone yesterday :/ A lot of people are refusing to wear masks.

    Online studies don’t sound too bad! I just finished school but I can imagine it’d be hard to not see friends for so long.

    Wow penpals! I’ve always wanted a penpal but for the same reason as you I didn’t want to give strangers my address! That is so sweet you were able to reconnect with a childhood friend ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Rachel!!!! Yes I am from Malaysia. Ooh that’s so cool, I’m so glad to to meet a rare Asian-ish blogger hehe. Aww man that’s bad but don’t worry, I’ll be praying for countries like yours!
    Mm yeap it is hard to not see my friends :((
    Yeah penpalling made my whole lockdown situation better :DD
    Thank you so much for your thoughts and have a good day!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Heyyy, sorry for not commenting on your blog in like….forever. XD
    But good for you, baking and cooking so much more!! It’s very fun and quite practical to do.
    I so get you, on your penpal taking 3 months to write back….I once had a penpal, who we wrote back and forth for awhile. And then, she stopped. And I waited awhile, then wrote another letter, just checking in.
    She wrote back and told me that she had been busy with dance. -_-
    So yes. I understand your pain my friend. 🙂
    Have a lovely day.
    -Keziah ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hii Keziah omg I’m so sorry for the late reply but thank you so much for your comment 😭<3 omaiii I'm so sorry about your penpal! I think there was a bit of confusion though because when I said it took 3 months to arrive I meant the letter itself being delivered because of Covid 😬 sorry I didn't make it clear in my post whups :p

    Liked by 1 person

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