Finally Making a Childhood Food I Always Read About


What’s one of the most iconic foods you always read about in storybooks?

For me, the answer would be apple pie. Weird right?

Perhaps it’s because I was brought up in an Asian family that always read storybooks written by and about Westerners and for some reason, there was always a mention of apple pie in those stories. Or some sort of pie. Blueberry pie, blackberry pie, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and so on.

I always dreamt of eating apple pie and imagined how it would taste like, but I don’t remember eating any unless you count McDonald’s apple pie and my aunt’s apple puff so it’s only been in my recent years that I tasted real and good apple pie.

The first time was at a camp a few years back, when I signed up for a Baking elective/hobby kinda thing. The second time was at a friend’s house but technically that was apple crumble. We made chicken pie though. And then finally, this week I made a real apple pie all by myself! Below is a recount of my adventures in apple pie baking.

Sorry for the bad quality pictures, btw. Yellow lighting in the kitchen is not ideal for food photography heheh and I think because it was evening-nighttime it made the pictures even dimmer.

Here’s the recipe I used 🙂 I modified it though.


I made the dough for the pie crust a day before and kept it in the fridge overnight so as to spread out my workload.

Alas, I did not take any other pictures of the process because my hands were too oily and also I didn’t really think of blogging about this. But this is a picture of the assembled pie right before it went into the oven :DD

OK STORY TIMEEE! As this was my first time baking a pie on my own and I had no idea how thick the crust should be, I rolled it out to be SUPER THICK thus the surface area was smaller and so it couldn’t fit the original pie tin I wanted to use which was 9 inches in diameter. So I switched to this 7 inch pie tin my mum found. The results are below ><

TA-DAAAAA!!! Even though the lattice didn’t turn out all that great (it was breaking up as I lay it) I think overall it still looks like a legitimate pie.

Which photo of the finished pie do you think looks more realistic? Hehe


Here’s a slice of the pie featuring my brother eating his dinner in the background XD Unfortunately, the crust turned out to be too thick indeed so the ratio of apples to dough/pie crust was too uneven. (is that the word? uneven? idk anymore maths is bleh)

But overall, I’m proud of myself for stepping outta my comfort zone of baking cakes and cookies and trying something new on my own! (with some assistance from my mum of course) And the highlight is definitely being able to eat a legit apple pie (THAT I BAKED)- something I have been reading about so much since I was a kid.

This marks the end of my first apple pie baking adventure. It certainly was fun and satisfying and I hope to make it again sometime soon as we have leftover apples 😀

The next baking adventure awaits!

Have you baked/cooked anything recently? Have you ever made apple pie? What’s one iconic food you always read about in your children storybooks?



15 thoughts on “Finally Making a Childhood Food I Always Read About

  1. Hahah I guess if you eat more then you get tired of it more easily and it really isn’t like, a “wonder” anymore? Ahahah I haven’t actually really tried any other pies so for now this is my favourite 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha I suppose so😂 But you should certainly try berry pies!! (I LOVE THEM AAH. Also I’m a big food fanatic so please bear with the excited me for a while😂)
    But I hope you like the flavour of berries? 🤗 Just the talk of desserts makes me hungryy❤😂 XX

    Liked by 1 person

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