Meet Mochi & Mocha

Hewwo fwens! Today, I have 2 extremely special guests on the blog! Their names are Mochi and Mocha, 2 stuffed male cats, and they live with me on my bed in my room. Let's take a look at them!! (I'm in italics) Mocha is on the left, Mochi is on the right. Mochi: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guysssssssssssssss.… Continue reading Meet Mochi & Mocha

Road to a Healthier Lifestyle Update

Hola mi amigos! It's time to share my RtaHL Update! Let's see how I've done so far. But first, here's a photo of the challenges, in case you forgot. 1. Reduce screen time Errrrr.................. To be completely honest, I didn't do very well on this challenge :/ I think that's because I got Instagram and… Continue reading Road to a Healthier Lifestyle Update