You’re more than a country

You're more than a country You're more than a name You're more than a song You're more than just fame It's about the people The differences Through which we find The similarities It's about the harmony In which we live in It's not sweet all the time But that's how it's been It's about home… Continue reading You’re more than a country

Questions to Ponder

Hey people! Let's turn this into a discussion post. I'm gonna post some questions here (that I see online mostly) and we can ponder over them together. If you think you have an answer, lame or logical, just post them into the comments below! I'll be more than happy to discuss with you 😊 Let… Continue reading Questions to Ponder

3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked

Wazzup homies. On the 29th of July, I got this notification that I had blogger for 3 whooping years with WordPress. How's that for commitment? XD Hence the 3 donuts. One for each year. (I didn't make them but looks good xD) Thanks for the compliment, WordPress. Keep up the good work too! *whispers* You… Continue reading 3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked