First Time Fasting Experience

Hey everybody!

In view of Malaysia’s national day which was on the 31st of August (as you can see from my post here) my church participated in a 40 day fast prayer and I fasted for 40 days!

I didn’t fast on food though, but on….. Social media. Welp, YouTube to be more specific. That was basically the only thing I fasted on. My mother suggested that I fast on that because I spent too much time on it 😂

It was a refreshing experience to not use YouTube for more than a month because I could use the time to do enriching things for myself and for my journey with the Lord which I’m extremely thankful for.

Of course there were times when I really had the urge to use YouTube to watch something because, habits, but I suppressed it and reminded myself that I could not break this fast unless it was absolutely necessary. Necessary as in for school and church lessons hahaha.

I’m not sure if I would fast on YouTube again, but I will probably fast on something else in the future. I’ll see what uses up most of my time that is unnecessary depending on what season I’m in at that time 😆

So yeah, if you are a Christian and believe in fasting, you should totally try it one day! The results are satisfying and rewarding!

Also, today is Malaysia day! It is the day when Malaya joined together with Sabah and Sarawak to form Malaysia. Definitely not the same as Merdeka, please do not confuse!

This is the last time I’m posting on here for a while because I have many things to do so… Adios friends!

Have you ever fasted on anything before? (I know Muslims do 😛) do comment your experience!


7 thoughts on “First Time Fasting Experience

  1. Great job!! At first I thought you fasted food and I was like, “WOAH, Starling.” XDDD Great job!!!!! This makes me want to do a fast like this…
    I got my parents to do basically a “media fast” every Sunday with me and it’s so awesome!! You do things that you wouldn’t have done before and it makes you have to be more creative.
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Cool! My church fasts from two meals the first Sunday of every month. (Shhh, sometimes I only make it through one meal). That’s really cool to see other churches take part in it!

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