Prayer of Hope

Father in Heaven

Hear our cry

Lift this torment

Clear the sky.

You are the one

Who makes the moon glow

Who raises the sun

Who makes the river flow.

You are the one

Who gave Daniel courage

When there was none

To break free of the cage.

Lord oh Lord

We plead with you

Use your powerful sword

Slice this haze in two.

The light at the end

Burns bright and strong

A message if hope it sends

Holding on.

Hello everyone! Sorry for being inactive for quite a while but I have been busy with work and deadlines and yay finals soon! (Note the sarcasm please)

So this poem which I wrote was to cry out to God to lift this choking haze which we have been having for a few days and affected a lot of outdoors activities. Sighhh… I guess you can say it is haze-ar-dous bahahaha 😂

Also, that picture is mine which I took when we went to a waterfall the other day.

So anyway, hope you enjoyed reading a comment how the weather has been like at your place!

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