Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

Photo by Evgeni Evgeniev on Unsplash but edited by meeeee!

Wassup my dudes.

I’m back from my mini hiatus (it was so mini that I barely even mentioned it… *cough cough*…and it only lasted for a month… or so…) Anyway, I killed finals (predict that however you want heheheh) and I’m actually quite pleased with my overall results ๐Ÿ™ƒ

I hope that from now on, I will be more consistent with posting and not run out of ideas. Don’t worry though, I already have a few drafts sitting in my drafts section waiting to be typed up and published! But today, I have an interesting post for you guys. Normally I don’t do these kinda posts but I decided maybe I’ll switch things up a little bit. Embrace change right??

So I’ve decided that I want to lead a healthier lifestyle involving less screen and sleep time coz I feel like my life right now is basically 3 S’s: school, sleep, screen. And also homework but that’s kinda part of school.

I don’t want that to BE my life, just PART of my life. I realized that I spend a lot of time on screen (and also my mum told me :p) so I’m trying to cut that down. In order to do that, I have started this program I invented called the “Road to a Healthier Lifestyle.” (hah what a creative name yeah?)

These are the 3 main things I have on my road so far… Aka goals. And here’s the notebook I use to do this. (It’s my art book actually)

If you can’t see the picture, here they are, summarized and customized to fit this post.

1. Reduce screentime

โ€ข Make phone battery last for 3 days

โ€ข 20, 20, 20 (20 minutes of use, 20 seconds of rest, look at objects 20m away for rest)

โ€ข Pick up another hobby that doesn’t require screen (This means I will blog less, so you’ll only see posts from me once a week-or less or more who knows. It even took me forever to get this post up…*facepalms*)

2. Workout everyday

โ€ข Push up challenge with *friend’s name* (blurred for pRiVaCy)

โ€ข Sit up challenge with self (it’s not as sad as it looks)

โ€ข Side challenges: jump rope (to grow taller) and ride bike (to exercise my leg muscles) [only if I have time and am not lazy heheh]

These are my logs haha.

(Not pictured)

3. Do Devotion Daily

I really hope I can grow closer to God :))

Honestly, I wanted to do the workout thing on my own but didn’t ever get around to doing it because I had 0 motivation. But now that my friend suggested it to improve our dodgeball skills, I’m game! (And yes, I play dodgeball now)

If you want to join me on any of these challenges, feel free to do so! You can even just join for a week or less and discuss with me your experience (although I think no one will ๐Ÿ˜‚)

No worries though, because my friend is doing no. 2 with me! Push up buddies!! ๐Ÿ’ช (Credits to her brother for that challenge idea and credits to wherever he took that idea from)

That’s basically it for today! Thank you so much for reading and it feels great to be back on the blogosphere!!!

P.S I GOT INSTAGRAM WEEEEE! You can follow me @starling_ry but first, comment below your username so I know who you are before I accept it. Chances are I won’t accept your follow request if I don’t know you. But as of now I can’t dm or reply to stories (and probably not post anything) because… Welp let’s just say my phone has some problems so we need to get that fixed first.

Have a great week ahead!

Do you have any long term goals? How about short term goals? What do you personally feel like you waste too much time on? Do you have Instagram?


19 thoughts on “Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

  1. Starling, you don’t say you are planning on starting a hobby that doesn’t require screen time, then announce your Instagram. That being said I have two Instagrams and which one I’ll tell you about depends on what you tell me you plan on posting.

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  2. This post encouraged me to go for a much healthier lifestyle! Iโ€™ve started doing workouts since september and honestly, I can see how Iโ€™ve changed. Btw, I followed you on instagram ๐Ÿ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    ahem. I really like that journal, and those are really great ideas. My phone has a long lasting battery, so itโ€™s easy to make it last 2-3 days =)
    Those are good tips. Also, I donโ€™t have Instagram, but if I did, Iโ€™d follow you.

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  4. This sounds like a great plan! i really should spend less time on my phone myself heheh ๐Ÿ˜‰ Iโ€™ll go follow you rn, my username is @gracefullyinthemoment

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I like the challenge you have for shortening your screen time to make sure your battery lasts for 3 days. I usually give myself a limit of 3 times a day, but it’s not always effective. But I think sticking to the battery life is much more doable and accountable.

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