hi friends

Hi friends, Wow. 2020 flew by just like that. I can't say that we've had lots of fun times this year because we didn't thanks to Rona. But when we did meet up, my heart was full to the brim, pressed down, shaken, and overflowing with joy. You guys truly made every single second spent… Continue reading hi friends


Starling the Blog Turns One! [Delayed Celebration] {Part 2}

Hello hello! Look who decided to post after a week of absence. Well, if you paid attention to the title, you would notice that PART 2 OF MY BLOGIVERSARY CELEBRATION IS HEREEEEE!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that for my next phase of this blog's birthday, I REDESIGNED IT! I changed everything-… Continue reading Starling the Blog Turns One! [Delayed Celebration] {Part 2}