Chinese New Year Problems

Q: What comes after Christmas and New Year? A: Chinese New Year. Yayyyy! We get to visit relatives👴👵👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, collect red packets filled with money from them💰, and tuck into scrumptious delights 🍰🍊🍚🍜🥢. However, Chinese New Year does not consist of good stuff only. In this post, I will be discussing all or just 3 Chinese… Continue reading Chinese New Year Problems


The Weekend

Aloha Pineapples! Well well well. Looks like I disappeared mysteriously again. Sorry about that. *avoids the disgusting rotten tomatoes thrown at me* Hey hear me out guys. You wanna know what really happened to me and why I couldn't blog?! FINE. YOU ASKED FOR IT. Cue Flashback. |SATURDAY| So on Saturday, my friend suddenly asked… Continue reading The Weekend

What Happens When You Leave the Internet World for a Week

It feels so good to be back in the blogging atmosphere! I have been catching up on all your posts, and comments. I also managed to schedule one post, which actually worked! This new method I tried out would take a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Since I mentioned I wasn't around for one… Continue reading What Happens When You Leave the Internet World for a Week