Spotify Favourite Songs Playlist

Hey everybody! You guys don't know this, but I have a Spotify account. My username is..... you guessed it. StarlingRY. You can drop me a follow or something, but just let me know what your username is in the comments below 🙂 Maybe you'll get a follow back too. Today, I'll just be sharing the… Continue reading Spotify Favourite Songs Playlist


Random Quiz Answers

Hay there! *pun intended* Time to reveal the answers to the Random Quiz I posted a week or so ago. Your answers were pretty funny and I really enjoyed reading them. Thanks for taking the quiz! 😀 My comments are in italics. ANSWER TIME! Q: If humans drink water, what do cows drink? A: Water… Continue reading Random Quiz Answers


Hello there! Today I'll just be sharing some fun surveys created by me for you all to fill in. I just want to see your responses 🙂 Survey 1 Survey 2 Remember to have fun and choose wisely! XD 😀 😛  Oh and, let me know if you did the survey down in the comments!