Christmas Cards

Hey everyone! This year, my brother and I decided to mail Christmas cards to all my friends. I took some photos for you guys to see. My brother drew in some of the stuff and I wrote. The lighting is not so good, but I'm sure you can still see it. I also took a… Continue reading Christmas Cards

Social Christmas Package

Yo peeps! 😎 Since Christmas is riiiiiight around the corner, I wanted to get the Internet ready for Christmas too. Internet as in you guys, even though your head is probably already full to bursting of Christmas. Anyway, I decided to call it the Social Christmas Package. In this package (aka post) we have... Christmas memes… Continue reading Social Christmas Package

Merry Belated Christmas + My Baptism Experience

Hello there! Merry Belated Christmas!! I couldn't post yesterday because I was at church and after I came home, I was too tired. So here's the post! Yesterday, we went to church. The choir sang a lot of songs and halfway, the head pastor of our church came and gave a sermon. Here's something I… Continue reading Merry Belated Christmas + My Baptism Experience