Meet Mochi & Mocha

Hewwo fwens! Today, I have 2 extremely special guests on the blog! Their names are Mochi and Mocha, 2 stuffed male cats, and they live with me on my bed in my room. Let's take a look at them!! (I'm in italics) Mocha is on the left, Mochi is on the right. Mochi: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guysssssssssssssss.… Continue reading Meet Mochi & Mocha


Blog Tour for Snowball and the Missing Apple {SPECIAL INTERVEW}

Hello everybody! 😀 Welcome to my blog. Today, I will be doing a certain kind of post I haven't been doing for a looooooong time. AN INTERVIEW WITH REAL PEOPLE. And an animal too 🙂 Amie over at Crazy A just published a book called Snowball and the Missing Apple featuring her very own pet… Continue reading Blog Tour for Snowball and the Missing Apple {SPECIAL INTERVEW}

Interview with The Unknown Characters

Hey everyone! Today, I'll be doing something never before done on my blog- an interview with my characters! So my latest novel's title is The Unknown because I really had no other ideas. Anyway. Introducing my characters! Meet Ethan Cox, my MC. He is an orphan, and he trains at a special academy that sends out… Continue reading Interview with The Unknown Characters

Collab With Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!!!!

Hello Guys!!!! I just remembered that I did a collab interview with the lovely Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures! Well, technically I did it with a stuffie by the name of................... Brooklyn! Let's begin! Her Questions My Answers: 1. Who is the messiest person you know? The messiest person I know is probably my... brother. 2.… Continue reading Collab With Rebcake @ Stuffie Adventures!!!!