What Happened While I Was Gone (?)

Hey everyone! I'm back! Yayyyyyy! It was a really good break (and I used WP to prepare some posts so it was not exactly a break but......) but I sure am glad to be back! 🙂 The title is both a question and a statement. Some stuff that happened during my absence (in my normal… Continue reading What Happened While I Was Gone (?)


Second Hibernation

Yeap you read that right! I'm going on another hibernation! "WAIT WHAT?!" *someone* screams. "BUT YOU JUST CAME BACK FROM HIBERNATION IN MARCH!" Uhm yeah sorry but remember this post? So instead of leaving f o r e v e r, I'll only be leaving for a while. Not too bad eh? The reason I… Continue reading Second Hibernation


*opens eyes sleepily* *looks around dreamily* *smiles* I'M BACK PEOPLE! 😀 😀 😀 It was a good break and I had absolutely positively no regrets about doing it. I just came back from camp on Saturday and was pretty tired so I didn't post as I actually planned to. There's another reason I thought taking… Continue reading Awake