Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

Photo by Evgeni Evgeniev on Unsplash but edited by meeeee! Wassup my dudes. I'm back from my mini hiatus (it was so mini that I barely even mentioned it... *cough cough*...and it only lasted for a month... or so...) Anyway, I killed finals (predict that however you want heheheh) and I'm actually quite pleased with… Continue reading Road to a Healthier Lifestyle + INSTAGRAM!

Photography + Hibernation Happenings

...everyone! If you're seeing this in your Reader, that means I'm back! I didn't want to spend an entire post talking only about myself so I'm gonna insert some photos too. So exams... Eh I didn't really do well in some subjects. We are currently still receiving back our scores so I can't really say… Continue reading Photography + Hibernation Happenings


*opens eyes sleepily* *looks around dreamily* *smiles* I'M BACK PEOPLE! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ It was a good break and I had absolutely positively no regrets about doing it. I just came back from camp on Saturday and was pretty tired so I didn't post as I actually planned to. There's another reason I thought taking… Continue reading Awake