HARPs Round 5 Results + Round 6

It's time for the second last round of the HARPs Contest! *cheers* Awesome job to those who submitted encouraging posts for Round 5! 🙂 If your name is in bold, that means I got your submission(s) for this round. If your name is in italics, that means I got your comment as to why you couldn’t post… Continue reading HARPs Round 5 Results + Round 6


Another Short HARPs Announcement

UPDATE: We need just one more person! Here's another short post related to HARPs. I need 2 more people (who can commit) to join Team Ladybug. Don't worry, you'll be given extra 5 points each coz you won't be able to post for Round 5's Topic 😉 Just comment down below if you'd like to… Continue reading Another Short HARPs Announcement