2 in 1 No. 18 + Shoutouts

Sorry to bombard you with so many 2 in 1s. Didn't I say there was a ton of these coming up?? šŸ˜› First, many thanks to a person whom I have "adopted" as my internet sister named (Ate) Jirah for nominating me for theĀ 5 Things I Like About Myself Challenge. Rules: Thank the nominator. Display… Continue reading 2 in 1 No. 18 + Shoutouts


Cameras and Pens Challenge #5

Hello there! Rose is in 3rd place now, so we needa catch up!! (I know I ain't helping much) Prompt count: 3 Total points: 8 (this time, I managed to insert 2 of my own photos!) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 "So Karin." Raven flipped open her notebook and took out a… Continue reading Cameras and Pens Challenge #5

Cameras and Pens Challenge #4

Hello there! Yay! Rose is still in 2nd place! We can do this guys! Kaylyn (Kaylynā€™s World) StarlingĀ (starling7) AllisonĀ (A Farm Girlā€™s Life) Tiaria Brooke Jade (itsbrookejade) *CharisĀ (flickers of a little heart) RoseĀ (asunonacloudyday) DanielleĀ (Near but Far) ButtercupĀ (Typically Untypical Teen) Prompt count: 3 Points this round: 4Ā (very little, I know. Sorry!) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3… Continue reading Cameras and Pens Challenge #4