Monthly Reads {January}

Hiii! Hope you're all doing great. If you aren't, know that you are loved by someone veeeeeery special and awesome 😉 I've decided that I'm just gonna go ahead with my idea of monthly reading updates. I think I'll try this for about half a year and then see if I want to continue. AHEM… Continue reading Monthly Reads {January}


Starling’s Randomness #13

Hey hey heyyyyyyyyy! How y'all doingggg? Oh wow I sound so hyped. I guess this shows that the one and only Starling is bAcK! Of course I've been up and around the blogosphere, posting posts, liking, and commenting but I feel like I haven't really been my real self online lately? I don't know. But… Continue reading Starling’s Randomness #13

Series Week {Day 2} [Not-So-Enjoyed]

Welcome back to Day 2 of Series Week! 🙂 Today, let's run through two series(es) that were not-so-enjoyed by Starling. You might have a totally different opinion on them, and that's totally fine. Without further ado, let's begin! Kindly direct your eyes further down below by scrolling with your mouse. The Secrets of the Immortal… Continue reading Series Week {Day 2} [Not-So-Enjoyed]