Blog reflections

Hello lovelies! Turns out that you can get nostalgia and warm feelings in your tummy when looking back on old blog posts. I barely even scratched the surface of years of previous blog posts but I was just taking a look at my milestones page and dangggg I can't believe how cringy I was. Not… Continue reading Blog reflections


Sometimes, I have a million ideas and can just type some random blog post up at any moment without a headache. But that stopped a while ago. Oh nooooooooo it's gonna be on of those "I'm sorry I left for so long without notice blahblahblah I'm gonna start anew blahblahblah and more blahblahblah." Welp. Sorry.… Continue reading Eh

3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked

Wazzup homies. On the 29th of July, I got this notification that I had blogger for 3 whooping years with WordPress. How's that for commitment? XD Hence the 3 donuts. One for each year. (I didn't make them but looks good xD) Thanks for the compliment, WordPress. Keep up the good work too! *whispers* You… Continue reading 3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked