2 in 1 No. 21 {ft. Explanations}

Hey there! 🙂 It's time for yet another 2 in 1. I might have said this many times, but THANK GOD I INVENTED 2 IN 1!! If not, this might only have been half of the tags I need to get through. Sheesh. By the way, there will be a little explanation regarding tags and… Continue reading 2 in 1 No. 21 {ft. Explanations}


2 in 1 No. 20

WOWWWWW if this is the 20th 2 in 1, that means I've been nominated for 40 (20x2) tags and awards during my time on this blog. Thank you so much guys 🙂 Many thanks to Maggie for my first award today, the Sunshine Blogger Award! She didn't add the rules, but I guess they're the standard. Answer… Continue reading 2 in 1 No. 20