2018 Blog Stuff + January 1st

Hello there! Welcome to the first post of 2018!! 😀 Today, I'll be sharing some blogging things (not necessarily related to my blog) with you! (and how my first day of 2018 was spent) Let's dive right in! New Blog Design I know, I mentioned this many times but it's cause I'm SO EXCITED! :)… Continue reading 2018 Blog Stuff + January 1st


2 in 1 No. 9

Hello there! Here we are with yet another 2 in 1. What a way to end the year ahahaha... Okay, I know I said I don't usually re-do tags, but McKenna gave such awesome questions for this tag, I just HAD TO answer them! Thank you! 😀 1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to… Continue reading 2 in 1 No. 9