Story Time!

Hello! I assume you are here because you want to hear a story.

Well, your wish shall be granted!!!!

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Once Upon a Star, there lived a Star named Starling.

That’s me!

I like to shine and shine! Because it’s fun.

I lived in Malaysia.

Or more like, I lived with all the Stars above Malaysia.

One day, God sent me to Earth to live like a normal human.

He placed me with a pair of loving parents and a little brother.

I lived a very happy life worshipping God, being homeschooled, reading, writing, sleeping, and eating.

Image result for malaysian foodImage result for books

Image result for writingImage result for sleep

One day, as part of my studies, I began myblog.

I changed the name multiple times, and finally deleted the blog.

And so, I started this blog!


I hope you liked the story coz if you didn’t… I’m sorry.


~ Starling

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