Cameras and Pens Challenge




Sarah Faith (The Adventuring Girl)
Starling (starling7)
Allison (A Farm Girl’s Life)
Brooke Jade (itsbrookejade)
Charis (flickers of a little heart)
Rose (asunonacloudyday)
Danielle (Near but Far)
Buttercup (Typically Untypical Teen)

This is my page of CPC Submissions which is a contest hosted by Carol! Enjoy!

Cameras and Pens Challenge #1

Hello there! I am participating in Carol’s CPC and I’m on Team Rose! Even if you didn’t manage to sign up, you can follow Carol to keep up with the latest updates on CPC! (All my submissions will also be on this page btw) So without further ado, I present to you… MY FIRST SUBMISSION…Continue reading

Cameras and Pens Challenge #3

Hello there! As you can tell, I’m in a hurry. Oh wait, you can’t. AsyoucantellIminahurry There. And also, I missed the previous Challenge due to unforeseen things happening, so thank you to all the Roses in Team Rose who posted so that we could remain in 2nd place!!! You guys rockkkkkk! Sarah Faith (The Adventuring Girl)…Continue reading


Cameras and Pens Challenge #4

Hello there! Yay! Rose is still in 2nd place! We can do this guys! Kaylyn (Kaylyn’s World) Starling (starling7) Allison (A Farm Girl’s Life) Tiaria Brooke Jade (itsbrookejade) *Charis (flickers of a little heart) Rose (asunonacloudyday) Danielle (Near but Far) Buttercup (Typically Untypical Teen) Prompt count: 3 Points this round: 4 (very little, I know. Sorry!) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3…Continue reading

Cameras and Pens Challenge #5

Hello there! Rose is in 3rd place now, so we needa catch up!! (I know I ain’t helping much) Prompt count: 3 Total points: 8 (this time, I managed to insert 2 of my own photos!) Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 “So Karin.” Raven flipped open her notebook and took out a…Continue reading



Katie K


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