Meet Mochi & Mocha

Hewwo fwens!

Today, I have 2 extremely special guests on the blog! Their names are Mochi and Mocha, 2 stuffed male cats, and they live with me on my bed in my room. Let’s take a look at them!! (I’m in italics)

Mocha is on the left, Mochi is on the right.

Mochi: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guysssssssssssssss.
Mocha: Hello. Can I go back to sleep now?

We just got here, what are you talking about?

Mocha: *sigh* Well at least there’s food right?

Maybe… Anyway, tell us a little bit about yourselves so my readers can learn more about you.
Mochi: I like nuts. Peanuts, hazelnuts, walnuts…

Mocha: You drive me nuts. But I love nuts too, especially when they’re in mochis *pounces*

Mochi: *screams*

Another interesting fact about them is that they love play fighting. Although they drive each other bananas, they are as close as siblings.

Mocha: *head pops up* Did someone mention bananas??

Did I mention these cats love food and sleeping? Hey, would you guys like to tell these hoomans how I came to own you?

Mochi: Sure! I’ve been with Starling ever since she was a baby. I think somebody gave me to her. So we’re pretty close. But she stashed me away in a container with a bunch of other stuffed toys for ages and only took me out again in the past few years.

Mocha: I only came to be Starling’s on her 15th birthday this year. Her wonderful friend bought me from Kaison and gave me to her in a big black bag.

Mochi: Yup, so obviously she loves me more.

Mocha: *snorts* No way! She hugged me to sleep more than you ever since she got me!

Mochi: Yeah, but she didn’t even fix you when your tail broke!

Mocha: Hey you d-

Hey guys! I love you both equally okay?? I’m not biased towards any cat. Speaking of Mocha’s tail, would you like to explain what happened?

Mocha: One day, I just woke up and I found that there was a hole in my taiiiillll! I don’t know how it got there. Now my stuffing’s all falling out. You better fix me quick!

Alright alright. Sorry, I just keep forgetting!

Mochi: By the way, could you kick out some of the thingies that we have to share your bed with? It’s getting really cramped there. Plus you roll over us sometimes which makes things even more uncomfortable.

Hm really? Because I recall sometimes waking up on the edge of the bed, almost rolling off. And also, I don’t sleep like, all day. I only sleep at most, 11 or 12 hours so for the next 12-15 hours you have the ENTIRE bed to yourselves!

Mocha: Do you have any IDEA how hot and stifling it is?? It already is bad enough with that disgusting and sequined pink heart taking up half of the space we are allotted.

Well….. I guess not. I don’t have fur like you guys. No insulting anything or anyone! That pink heart brings back nostalgic memories and helps me to sleep at night because I feel secure.

Mochi and Mocha: *roll eyes* *start complaining*

OK I guess I can’t get anymore sensible answers that don’t come along with some sort of complaint. So this is the end of our first meeting! Thank you for reading and see you next time! Say bye guys!

Mochi and Mocha: Bye!!! *continue complaining*

Do you have any stuffed toys? What are their names? Do they complain about bed space?