Road to a Healthier Lifestyle Update

Road to a Healthier Lifestyle

Hola mi amigos!

It’s time to share my RtaHL Update! Let’s see how I’ve done so far. But first, here’s a photo of the challenges, in case you forgot.


1. Reduce screen time

Errrrr……………… To be completely honest, I didn’t do very well on this challenge :/ I think that’s because I got Instagram and well……….. that’s not a good contributing factor to this challenge. I’m trying though! If anyone has any ideas of things I can do outside my phone (and any other screen) please comment your ideas! (don’t leave me hanging guys, come on)

2. Workout everyday

I completed my 30 day push up and sit up challenge today!!! At times I was reaaaaally tired but I think I’m growing stronger 😛 Let’s hope for the best. I think I’ll continue this challenge, but I won’t time it. The reason I timed it was to see my progress in pushing up faster and faster and it did! I missed like 9 days though, so I actually only did 21 days :((

3. Do Devotion Daily

At times, a week went by and I didn’t have my quiet time with God but now that the holidays are here, I hope I’ll be able to spend more time doing it. I’m enjoying my teens devotion book by Daily Bread though! It’s short, simple, and easy to understand.

So yup that’s it for my RtaHL challenges updates. I really really really hope that I’ll be able to truly fulfill no. 1 & 3 by the end of this year. GO ME! #selfmotivation

What are some of your hobbies? (heheh I’m looking for ideas xD) 


P.S Thank you for 571 followers! We’re less than 30 followers away from 600 :)) Love you, Starling fam.


2 thoughts on “Road to a Healthier Lifestyle Update

  1. Great post! It’s nice to see how you completed your goals(even if you didn’t 100% complete them😂)

    I really liked your last post(the Mochi and Mocha one) but for some reason I can’t comment on there. Just wanted to say that I loved it, but you can probably tell given what my blog is about😉

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