Birthday Gifts

Hey everyone, welcome back to my blog!

I know I said I would do this post a few days later after this post but oops… time flew by too fast 😛

Anyway, I’m here now, to capture memories of my birthday presents I received this year, which I have never done before. Also, like every other blogger out there, I’m not choosing to do this because I want to brag and show off, but merely to thank the One above who sent me friends who gave me these awesome gifts.

*if I lump 2 gifts together, then it means they are from the same giver*

So first, we shall start with this extremely cool novel journal!! Its lines are made up of teeny tiny text from a legit novel. I don’t think I will ever read it though; the text is too tedious and tiring to navigate.

Next up, here’s a cute looking rabbit purse and pretty macaroons planner. I’m not sure what I can store inside the rabbit purse though. Probably coins. Any ideas??

LOOK IT’S A CATTTTTT!!!!!!!!! (Not a real one hahaha) And also, some adorable cactus paper clips, which are supposedly bookmarks but I won’t use them for bookmarks. (perhaps in the future I will share what I plan on using them for hehe)

Stay tuned to learn more about the cat and what he really looks like *hint hint future post cough cough*

Here, we have this dope hoodie. It’s in a shade of my favourite colour and coincidentally, it’s something I saw on an Instagram shop which I thought would be cool to have.

Next, we have here a GIGANTIC PINK SEQUINED HEART ❤ I can’t believe my friend thought of getting me something like this 😂 because I certainly wouldn’t think of getting this for myself. The colour goes very well with my room though. I guess this heart goes out to all my fwens out there uWu

Finally, we have these two AWESOMESPECTACULARWONDERFUL books. The first is a Pusheen book, which I think would be more fitting for the friend who gave it to me since she’s way more obsessed with Pusheen than I am haha. But I love cats so this is a brilliant book 😉



Okay, story/testimony time. Sooooooo ever since WDW came out with their very own book about their life and stories, I’ve wanted to get my hands on a copy. But unfortunately, the book could only be found online for like RM 80 and above… which is terribly expensive. So nope . I pretty much gave up on searching for this book in my local bookstores. However, one day, the same friend who gave me the Pusheen book went to a book sale and saw this book at 80% off so it only costed RM 17!!! Such a deal! It wasn’t exactly in pristine condition but because this was at a sale which was probably trying to clear off books, my friend just helped me buy it because I might never ever get another chance like this. This is the best present I have ever bought for myself haha. Welp technically my friend bought it but I paid for it but then again she also found it at a discounted price and helped to purchase it so………… ANYWAY! The point is, God hears and fulfills the desires of our heart ❤ like it says in…

Psalms 37:4
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Psalm 145:19
He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;
he hears their cry and saves them.

Please comment if you love wdw & JESUS too thanks.

There’s also one or two more presents yet to come but they haven’t arrived yet. But I know what one of it is because I had mentioned to my friend that I needed a new phone case and he had gotten it for me. (I wasn’t hinting it or anything I just complained heheh)

I also received quite a number of cards but I can’t show them to you because all of them have my name on them haha, and also, pRiVaCy.

That marks the end of this post! Thank you so much if you read all the way to the end :)) Have a brilliant day.

Have you ever bought a present for yourself? What’s the best present you have ever received?



16 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts

  1. Omgummmmm I LOVE YOUR JOURNAL!! And that cute little purse…what about if you stored small candies or chocolates in it? IDK, that’s what I would do…just a nice little purse of yummies….XD You received such lovely presents!! And yayyyy!!! Cards are the BEST to receive!!
    Great post; have an awesome day!!

    Liked by 1 person

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