Birthday Celebrations [Gratitude]

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Wow it’s been a while eh?

Hey guys!!

After more than a week of not blogging, I am baccccckkkk! Now, I’m not sure whether you’d like to know the reason for my absence but just in case you do, here it is- I recently celebrated my birthday with my brother because our birthdays are 1 week apart so we just did a 2 in 1 celebration with our friends.

And perhaps you’d like to see some photos to stalk me. Or not. But in any case, I’ll just post some photos here for memories~

You can see last year’s ones here. Note any similarity in the titles?? 🙃

Whoops that was less than I thought haha. If you have Instagram you can check some out @starling_ry. Sorry for the bad quality by the way ._. I wanted to choose the ones that didn’t have faces in them lol.

Ahhh memories. Also!! HUGE thank you to my parents for helping us with this sleepover- from cooking to cleaning to capturing the moments with a camera =) and thank you to my friends for coming- this wouldn’t have happened without y’all! (bonus shout out to those who attended for all 3 years)

Besides the birthday celebration, I was also reaaaaally busy with school stuff (preparations for an upcoming Gala & Award Nite- guess who’s one of the assistants of the eNtIrE program??) and my Royal Rangers 32nd anniversary. By the way, Royal Rangers is a Christian uniform body that I join just in case you didn’t know hehe.

Anywho, overall it’s been a hectic but fun week and weekend and I’ve been taking the time to unwind and rest. Plus I was sick with a sore throat and flu but I’m getting better now!

Heads up: I’ll be doing a post featuring my birthday gifts in a few days so stay tuned for that!

Thank you for reading!!!

When is your birthday? How did you/would you plan on celebrate(ing) it?


P.S Now that school is pretty much done, I’ll try and post more consistently (like every week) but no promises!


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