3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked

Wazzup homies.

On the 29th of July, I got this notification that I had blogger for 3 whooping years with WordPress. How’s that for commitment? XD

Hence the 3 donuts. One for each year. (I didn’t make them but looks good xD)

Thanks for the compliment, WordPress. Keep up the good work too!

*whispers* You can check out my 2 year anniversary with WP right here hehe. #selfpromo

I’m not really sure how this is a big achievement or anything but just for fun, here’s some posts from blogs I follow that I enjoyed recently.

The Horrifying Ways Babies are Aborted by Keziah

I feel like Keziah did a good job of exposing the terrible truth about abortion. It really opened my eyes to this topic. I hope more people can read this.

July recap//ft. lots of traveling, riverdale, & I made a cake for harry potter!! by Olivia

Honestly, I read this post for the cake. I mean, of course I read the other stuff in the post but I was mostly there for the cake and I loved it! I didn’t get to eat it of course ☹️ but I still enjoyed looking at it! 🙂 Maybe I can make my own Harry Potter inspired cake but not for Harry Potter lol.

‘Don’t Be Beautiful’ by Maysa

Maysa wrote a quote by Nikita Gill in this post which I think every girl and guy should read.

I would encourage you all to read them all and hope you enjoy!

Have a good day and thank you so much for being here! 🦝 (Especially if you were here when I first started blogging wheee)

How many years have you been blogging for? How many years old is your blog? Did you check out the posts I liked??


13 thoughts on “3 Years with WordPress & Random Posts I Liked

  1. HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BLOG!!💓🎉My blog’s third birthday is coming up in just a few days, who knew our blogs were so close in age?? Thank you so much for mentioning my post, I’m glad you liked the cake, haha. Here’s to many more blog birthdays for your blog!

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    And awwww thanks for sharing my post, that was so thoughtful of you, ❤
    Here's to many more [sets of three years] with WordPress!! (That sounded better in my head, but whatever. XD)

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  3. Hahaha actually my blog isn’t 3 years old because I’ve had another blog before this 😝 so this one is actually 2 years old. I have just been using WordPress for 3 years. Ooh happy 3rd birthday to your blog! Thank you!

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