No WiFi? No phone? No life?!

Hi guys.

So as you all (or most of you) know, I’ve been sick for the past 1 week (or so). And in that one week, I couldn’t really find anything to do that didn’t involve me getting my germs all over things because I had to be quarantined in my room.

So what did I do? You guessed it. I looked at my phone and used it quite excessively. (More than I usually do… Way more)

Ahh the phone. It grants us access to so many things, yet limits us.

You guys probably expect this to be some sort of preachy post that tells you guys to stop using phones and all but yeah. This is a wake up call!! A reminder. To self and also to you guys. That’s the painful truth of today’s post.

In today’s world, we feel the need to be constantly connected to the world. That’s why we have our phones all the time. It’s lighter than a laptop, easy to carry, has mobile data, can connect to WiFi, and easily accessible.

When a notification comes in, we feel the need to check it right away, no matter where we are.

Our posture and eyesight can be damaged because of this phone phenomenon.

Sometimes, we care more about the phone than the person.

Eventually, our time with family members and friends will be wasted because we spend that time looking at the phone. And once they’re gone, we regret it.

Which is why we must not regret! Put that phone down! Switch off that WiFi or mobile data! Your phone isn’t the only thing that matters in life! I know, some people have socializing problems and turn to the phone to feel less awkward but it’s time to face the world. You can’t hide forever.

Yes, a phone is useful, helpful, and good. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use it. But too much of a good thing is bad. For real. I’m not just saying this because I want to sound inspirational and stuff but because it’s true.

Let’s appreciate life and not overuse our phones unnecessarily.

Thank you. Oh and, watch this BuzzFeed video on this topic.

How much of phone do you use daily? What are your thoughts on this topic?

18 thoughts on “No WiFi? No phone? No life?!

  1. Great post, thanks so much for sharing!! I was actually planning on writing a post about this, as we recently had our router break and had to go without Wi-Fi for around a week. My first thought was: “How am I going to survive? I have a blog to keep going! (Thank goodness for scheduled posts!)” and then I realized what I was thinking and it horrified me!! I made a schedule with all of the time that I had, since I wasn’t online, of a basic outline of how much time I can be on a screen, doing things.
    Anyways, sorry that that was such a long comment – thanks again for sharing and have an awesome day!!

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    1. Ooh cool I would be happy to read that post! 😁 Ah it’s a natural feeling in our world today.. even I feel that way too sometimes 😜 yeah thank God for scheduled posts! Thanks for the long comment hehe.

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  2. OOOH yes!! I installed time-tracking devices on both my laptop and my phone, and the results were S C A R Y!!! So although I am reliant on my laptop and my phone for things like blogging and schoolwork, I’m also always trying to reduce my time on my devices, and even reading a book is better than spending all my time connected to a screen.

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