Meet Barney

Ayyy how’s everyone doing?

Hah, don’t be fooled by the excited greeting above; I feel really dead.

So anyway, today I will be sharing some photos of my cousin’s rabbit which I took when I went there last month. I think it was last month. I can’t remember.

Meet Barney. This adorble cutie right here ❀️ (yes I know I’m not the best photographer, sorry)

Get me outta hereeee!

Isn’t he so cute?? I wanted to pet and play with it but the owner wasn’t around so I just admired it from afar 😍

I hope this fluffiness brightened your day; it certainly made this influenza b sickness better. And yes, I’m down with influenza b which totally sucks coz now I’m quarantined at home. In my room. Doing nothing. All. Day. Long. And I’ve got this whooping cough to top it all off. Yay me.


If anyone has any idea what I should do in my room during this containment period that doesn’t involve spreading germs, those comments would be highly appreciated :)) thanks!

Do you have any pets? Do you like rabbits? Do you have any idea what species/breed Barney is?

25 thoughts on “Meet Barney

  1. OMW Barney is tooo cute! 😊
    Aw, I’m sorry you’re so sick. πŸ™ Things you can do in your room: make a bucket list, write something (short story/poem), read, design your dream house, listen to music, organize something, journal, read some more… πŸ˜‰ I hope you get better soon!

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  2. Awww so cute!! ❀ Aw, I am sorry you have influenza, that does suck. 😦 ❀ Honestly when I am sick I just lay in bed, on my phone, laptop, or read. πŸ˜› Or maybe color or do some sort of puzzle. Hope you get better soon!! ❀

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  3. I *love* barney! And I don’t even know him. He’s so fluffffyyy
    I’m sorry you’re sick >.< that's sad. My recommendation is to just sleep, or to binge-watch something. Or, if you're feeling slightly motivated and creative, drawing lots of lines and geometric shapes in different colors is fun.

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  4. Aww, he’s so adorable! thanks for sharing the photos! I’m sorry that you’re sick! I hope you get to feeling better soon, but while you are, maybe drawing pictures or writing letters, even writing poems/stories in notebooks is fun!!! Hope that helped a bit! Get better soon, girl!

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