Trials and Obstacles


Oh look everyone, Starling is still alive!

No, it’s her pet speaking. Just kidding, I don’t have a pet. Anymore.

Wow I really haven’t been on here in a while right? It’s insane coz blobging used to be such a big thing in my life.

Uhm what can I say? I left for a long while, came back, posted for bit, then didn’t post anything for about a week 😔 The last post I posted actually sort of reflected my current state at that time. Sort of. Hm maybe I should have named that post something else. Oh well.

Okay, time to stop beating around the bush and tell you why I’ve been such a dead blogger recently.

Thing is, for the past 1-2 weeks or so, multiple things have been happening that really drained me emotionally and mentally. More of emotionally though. I don’t think I’ll be sharing them on here but maybe I will in the future. We’ll see.

Me being me, this has taken quite a toll on me. My physical state has also been affected, making me kinda zombie like after I return from school for the first week. So I just kept on doing things to keep myself occupied. Sleeping. Eating. Using my phone to do random stuffings. Listening to music. Using the computer to do other random stuffings. Typing up posts. Reading your posts. Taking showers. Watching movies and videos. Reading. Yes, reading. I love reading. Blissful escape from harsh reality. Do you love reading too?

Guys, life is tough. Everyone knows that. And I’m finally understanding why some people dislike life so much. Ok don’t panic I’m not gonna take my life or something. I am not too far into this and I hope I never will 😬

Anyway. This past 2 weeks have been exhausting but here I am. By the grace of God, here I am. Sometime last last week, I was reading my daily Bible verse and that day’s Bible verse was Philippians 4:6.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

This Bible verse encouraged me so much because it reminded me of how much I could rely on God and how He is always there for me. The timing couldn’t have been better either. I was in the middle of my um problems (I guess you could call them that?) and this verse boosted my confidence and self-esteem. I’m so thankful for the Bible and that I have Jesus in my life because I honestly don’t know what would become of me without Him.

This 2 weeks, out of the many weeks I’ve ever lived, has definitely been a great trial. But I know that everything comes to an end. So this has come to an end. The drama is over for now. Trials and obstacles itself will never end, but the past two whole weeks have and I’m grateful for it.

So that’s it. I’m glad that this is all over. Hopefully I’ll be getting back to my usual self soon and move on. I’m not sure how fast I will truly recover but I know I will soon. Because I have Jesus. He is all I need.

If you’re ever experiencing any problems of any sort, please remember that God is always there for you, regardless of whether you believe in Him or not. He has always been and will always be. I’m also happy to help if you have any problems 🙂

NOTE: I’m only gonna be posting about once a week on here from now on because I don’t want to stress myself out too much and I need to get off the screen lol.

Also, I typed up this post in advance because… I don’t know, I guess I’m becoming more prepared now instead of simply throwing a post together whenever I like which I used to do every time last time. So yay!!

It’s been such relief to write this post because I needed an outlet to release everything. Thank God for blogging. I hope you guys will be encouraged by this as it certainly has for me.

Tl;dr (yea know this post is longish and so wordy soz :/) some drama, things, and stuff have happened over the past 2 weeks (and probably more will come who knows) but God is good and I know I will make it through this because of him. You remember that now.

For now, I’m good. Taking it one day at a time, and slowly. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

So how have been things for you lately? What’s one or some of your favourite verses? Do you like reading too? Tell me some of your favourite books in the comments below!



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