Blooming with Grace

Wherever life plants you, bloom with Grace.

Ever heard of that phrase?

It means no matter the circumstances and no matter where you are at, be kind. Be nice. Grow with grace.

Sometimes, I find it so difficult to do so especially in my new environment.

With all the negativity around me, blooming with hatred and anger sounds so much easier. Lashing out at anyone and everyone who offends me or not looks easier even though I know I won’t win.

But I know that isn’t what Jesus would have done. He would have treated everyone around Him with equal kindness and grace even though they didn’t deserve it.

Of course, life is tough and we are humans. There are bound to be times when we mess up. Fumble. Big time.

But we always have to try. After all, we were saved by grace. I mean, Jesus literally died for us! And Christians should demonstrate that to others in order to be a good testimony. (Not that I mean die for others but demonstrate the grace 😅)

Wherever God plants you, bloom with Grace. God places everyone in their specific places for a purpose. Don’t lose that focus and use that as a guide and an encouragement.

So never give up. Never stop showing grace, no matter the circumstances.

Hey guys, thank you so much for reading the short post above which I wrote to encourage all of you and myself as well. I hope this has helped you in someway.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this post and about showing grace in the comments below where we can discuss about it!

P.S. I haven’t gotten around to catching up on your blogs yet but give me some time and I will!

5 thoughts on “Blooming with Grace

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