Fourth Hibernation

photo of red panda sleeping on tree branch

Hi everyone!!

Today’s post is gonna be a quick one.

As you can tell from the title, I’m going on my 4th hibernation.Β (or hiatus. But I prefer hibernation) This is because I am having mid term exams in about 3 weeks’ time, and I need to spend my time preparing for that during my holidays which is starting next week. Since I just started school, I will need to catch up on the things I didn’t study in year 7 & 8 and I foresee that will take a lot of time and effort. So to minimize distractions, I will stop being active on here for a while. (aka 4 weeks or a MONTH!)

However, I MIGHT come back once in a while to read SOME posts and catch up on comments, so if you comment and I don’t reply within a long while, don’t take it personally. And don’t worry, I rarely not reply to comments unless they end up in the spam section in which I will duly apologize. (which reminds me to check the spam section asap!)


I will post ONCE during my hibernation to tell you guys the winners of my giveaway! If you didn’t hear about that, you can click here to check it out! I’m so excited. Thank you to whoever has joined by the way!!!! πŸ˜€ I’m eternally grateful.

So yeah, adios for about one month. Don’t miss me too much. Just kidding. I think I’ll come back on the…… 18th of June. Wow ok that’s pretty long. Yep.

Bye bye!

Quick, comment your goodbyes before I really leave!



33 thoughts on “Fourth Hibernation

  1. Bye, Starling!!!!! We’ll miss you!!!! And good luck and prayers to ya!!!! πŸ’•πŸ’•β€οΈπŸ’™πŸ’™

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  2. Oof, will miss you and your contagious happiness loads! Hope your exams go okay, good luck and can’t wait for when you come back (;

    UniquelyMe ❄️

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  3. Heya Starling! Good luck on your exams and have a wonderful break!! We’ll miss you!
    also, I’m so sorry I haven’t checked you blog in a while, and idek why??
    You probably won’t see this but good luck!!!

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  4. Alright so I’m confused… when does the British school year start? Us Americans just went on Summer break and we don’t go back until August/September. x

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  5. Er no. We have holidays throughout the year and then in December we get the whole month off (I think it starts somewhere in November though) sometimes the holidays are just 1 day because of a random occasion in this country.

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  6. Ohhh I gotcha. It’s like that in the States too but we have June, July, and part of August completely off.

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