Day 21: Your Favourite Recipe {Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge}

Hello hello! Welcome back to my blog and to Day 21 of Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge!!!

Today, the topic is share your favorite recipe. So I decided to share a recipe which I have made twice already. I’ll be sharing a s’mores nachos recipe which I found on Pinterest. It’s so simple and delicious and contains chocolate! 🍫

Here is the fabulous recipe:


  • Mini marshmallows (you can just cut regular sized ones into smaller pieces)
  • Normal sized marshmallows
  • Chocolate chips
  • Graham crackers


  1. Break crackers and spread them around bottom of pan.
  2. Scatter mini marshmallows on top.
  3. Scatter chocolate chips.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 until almost full.
  5. Top with regular marshmallows and add more chocolate chips if desired.
  6. Bake @ 176° Celsius (348° Fahrenheit) until brown on top.
I made this in my friend’s house before it was baked.

THAT’S IT! It’s so simple and tastes good. I don’t like chocolate but I make this dish for my family members and friends so that makes me happy 😊

You don’t necessarily have to follow all the instructions and ingredients exactly. For instance, you can replace chocolate chips with real cut-up chocolate bars or other chocolate stuff. And you can place the ingredients in any order out like! It’s really up to you as this is a casual dish that doesn’t have any necessary requirements.

Thanks for reading and have a BLESSED EASTER! 🌺

What is something you have baked recently? Have you made this dish before? Do you like s’mores? Are you celebrating Easter?

P.S I do eat s’mores. Just without chocolate 😆

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