Day 11: A Photo of My Handwriting ~My Science Notes 2017 VS. 2018~ {Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge}


Today is Day 11 of Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge, and the topic is “A Photo of Your Handwriting.”

I decided to give this a little twist, and add photos of my notes taken in 2017 and 2018. You can see the difference in how my note-taking skills has improved ๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh yeah, and also see my handwriting which is technically the original topic!


So boring and plain. *retching noises*



Yayy I love colour! This is wayyy more interesting.

I find that colour really makes my notes more interesting and helps me to focus during class. Highlighting and using different coloured pens or pencils is highly recommended by me.

Thanks for reading!!

How do you make your notes interesting? What are you currently learning in science?


19 thoughts on “Day 11: A Photo of My Handwriting ~My Science Notes 2017 VS. 2018~ {Maggie’s April Blogging Challenge}

  1. Thank you, Keziah! Currently, I am not really studying science because I’m transitioning into something new (look out for a post on that soon!) But those notes were about scientists and some forces.

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  2. Haha thank you Lucy. I really recommend using highlighters to highlight important points and colour pencils. If you think you want a more artsy look, you can look up bullet journal ideas and write your notes according to the templates given (I Drew my own) this takes a while to get used to, but you’ll eventually develop your own style and an interesting set of notes!!

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