Regret is Stronger than Gratitude

Hi people!

This is a pretty small topic but I just wanted to blog about it to remind everyone (and myself too hehe) about appreciation.

Let the story begin.

One fine night as Starling was hanging clothes at 11:30 pm (yes how late) the lights suddenly went out and everything was pitch black. She immediately stopped what she was doing and hurried into the living where her brother and father were sitting, looking at gadgets. Since she did not want to hang clothes outside by herself in the dark, Starling asked Brother to help her continue hanging clothes outside. They cautiously placed phones with flashlights on on top of the clothes rack to give some light as they carried on this chore.

As with every blackout, Starling and Brother stood out on the porch to see if all houses were having the same problem. It seemed so, so Father instantly checked his phone for any updates on Facebook and chat groups about the blackout. Meawhile, Mother, who had actually gone up to her room and was reading a book, had come down to… um no one can be sure why she came down.

Anyway, after the clothes were hung, everyone went upstairs and tried to go to sleep. Because the beds would be too hot to sleep on without any ventilation, Starling, Mother, and Brother lay on the floor.

But as everyone knows, when four humans are in the same room without any ventilation, it gets terribly hot as humans emit heat. So Brother and Father went into another room and sat there for one hour doing who knows what. Meanwhile, Starling and her mother had already fallen asleep in the swelteringly hot room. Somehow.

At about 1 am, the electricity came back. Ahhh… the cool cool air was such sweet relief.

Image result for we don't appreciate something until we don't have it anymore quotes

Isn’t this quote so accurate??

Remember to appreciate the little things in life and be thankful ๐ŸŒผ

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How often do you appreciate things? Was this post a good reminder?



10 thoughts on “Regret is Stronger than Gratitude

  1. This is a very good reminder to all. For instance, you take you nice, easy to breathe through lungs for granted until you have a cold. (yes, I have a cold right now ๐Ÿ˜‚)

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  2. Awe, this was so beautiful and funny!
    Reminded me of when my whole fam. Had moved into a new house, and the furnace gas was leaking into the air. So we cloulnt run the heat, and it was like 20 degrees or colder. Well, we all slept in the living room that night, all bundled up on mattresses and under blankets FREEZING, we barely slept. Lol.

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