How to Make Chores Fun and Easier

Yo folks!

Let’s be honest here guys. Who likes chores? As in, the process, not the result of it. If you like chores then yay for you! But I’m sure y’all could use some of these tips to help make chores fun and easier.

Go in with a positive mind

Sometimes, a positive mindset is all you need to make the chore seem less daunting. A negative mind will just make you dread the chore more and become a, well, chore. I know, I know this isn’t easy to do, especially when it’s a chore you particularly hate. But think of the pluses of doing chores! A clean room, no stinky toilet smell, and smooth, shiny, floooooors.

Take breaks

Who says you can’t take breaks? (Unless you are on a tight schedule) Taking breaks can really help, because you break up the chore into little sections. Of course, you shouldn’t waste all your time taking breaks and getting distracted. This tip can easily turn into a hindrance if used wrongly.

Listen to music

I love listening to music during chores. They help lighten the mood and take your mind off the chore. Upbeat songs inspire me, especially Uptown Funk, and It’s a Beautiful Day. If you’re not a music fan, maybe you can sing and practice your vocal skills πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

Okies now that the post is done, I have a question for you readers. If you’ve used Wattpad before, do give me an idea of what it is about. I might consider using it!

Bye friends! See you soon!

How helpful was this post? What is your least favourite chore? (Mine is cleaning toilets πŸ˜›)

P.S sorry for the lack of photos today hehe. I’m in my grandma’s house and running on data.


14 thoughts on “How to Make Chores Fun and Easier

  1. this is such a good & fun post!! i alwaysss listen to music when i do chores because it makes it so much more fun!! great post ( and idea!! ) x

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  2. I’m with you there, on cleaning the toilet….not my favorite chore.
    This post was helpful. πŸ™‚ I love to listen to music while doing chores! I often have Pandora, Adventures in Odyssey, or Focus on The Family Radio Theater on while I clean. Having something to listen to really does improve the attitude when cleaning.

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