Living Quarters Tour

Yooooooooo Peeps! How’s it going? Today you’re going to get a peek into my life and see my living quarters aka room! Without further ado, let’s begin.

Also, since this post already has many pictures, I’m just gonna skip the featured image for today *evil smile*

This is what my room looks like from the doorway.

Windows. We happened to be cleaning the upstairs of our house at the time I took this photo and we always open the windows when doing so, thus I decided to quickly snap a picture of this aesthetic-ish looking windows coz I rarely open my windows. The weather happened to be quite good for photography, thank goodness.

Being a random bean, I’m showing you my switches.

Where the hibernation takes place.

The things on the head of my bead. (That sounded weird)

Closet! Not exactly the best angle and lighting, but still pretty ok.

Whoops, bad lighting.

Very messy vanity table thing which has no mirror ๐Ÿ˜… how many things can you count?

I love stickers so much that I pasted them on the side of my closet.

Keychain collection and t-shirts.

Dresses and random stuff at the bottom + old Barbie dolls and toys.

Other fancy clothes and unkempt bag storage.

Another bigger shot of my bed. Ignore the stuff there; I’m cleaning out. Like my cat painting? ๐Ÿ˜†

Finally, my side table!

I would have shown you a picture of my board but it has too many “me” stuff on it. Maybe next time ๐Ÿ˜

That’s all for today!

What colour is your room? Which was your favourite picture?


14 thoughts on “Living Quarters Tour

  1. *sobs* It’s aesthetic and beautiful and clean! Whereas mine… ehheehโ€ฆ *looks guiltily at the complete opposite of Starling’s room* Oh well. I can see the floor. XD

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  2. HAHAHA thanks, Jo! No worries, everyone’s room is unique. It’s just that I’m generally a neat person and can’t really stand mess *looks at all the papers on the computer table random people put there*


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