Spotify Favourite Songs Playlist

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Hey everybody!

You guys don’t know this, but I have a Spotify account. My username is….. you guessed it. StarlingRY. You can drop me a follow or something, but just let me know what your username is in the comments below 🙂 Maybe you’ll get a follow back too.

Today, I’ll just be sharing the songs in my Favourite Songs Playlist (which I’m listening to right now)

*From most recently added to oldest*

Zero, Imagine Dragons

Walks Like Rihanna, The Wanted

Love Someone, Lukas Graham

Crush, Yuna & Usher

Meant to Be, Bebe Rexha & Florida Georgia Line

Woman Like Me, Little Mix & Nicki Minaj

Hills and Valleys, Tauren Wells

Strip That Down, Liam Payne & Quavo (I only listen to this for the catchiness xD)

Fresh Eyes, Andy Grammer

Firefly, SonaOne

Runaway, David Soh

Starving, Hailey Steinfield, Grey, & Zedd

Sad Song, We The Kings & Elena Coats

Hey Good Lookin, Why Don’t We

CONFESSION TIME! I wasn’t supposed to post this until after 1 or 2 other posts but my weird self decided to work on this one first and since I haven’t posted for 3 days, I decided to just go with this first then post the rest. I’ll be posting about every 3-4 days to space out my posts and so you won’t get a Starling overdose 😛

Do you use Spotify or Joox? Do you listen to any of these songs? Favourite song at the moment? How about favourite artist? Tell me something random that happened or whatever. TALK TO MEEE!



27 thoughts on “Spotify Favourite Songs Playlist

  1. I followed you! (I’m mynameisbel) I joined spotify years ago (not really) and that was the first name I thought of. XD 😀 I love listened to songs. One of my favorite singers is Teagan Marie. You should listen to her songs! I don’t know if you’d like them, though? She’s more country-pop. 😀

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  2. I only know one song on that playlist and that’s Zero by Imagine Dragons. I went to an Imagine Dragons concert last summer and they’re kind of still my favorite band but my favorites are AC/DC, Twenty One Pilots, Weezer, and Imagine Dragons (not in that order.)

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  3. Ohmigoodness!! I am so grateful for this. I’ve been looking for new songs and can’t wait to listen to the ones I don’t recognize you suggested here.
    I love Spotify.
    My favorite song right now is probably Grace Alone by Kings Kaleidoscope or Demons by Imagine Dragons. (Though my brother would probably tell you my favorite is What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction because honestly I’ve had on repeat wayyyy more often than I’d care to admit and wayyy more than he’d like to hear it! 🙈Lol!!)

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  4. I know every rock song that exists (well mostly) but I know probably 0 pop songs. I don’t like pop at all, and I really don’t care to listen to it. The closest thing to pop that I listen to is Imagine Dragons and Twenty One Pilots.

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  5. Awesomely, Awesome starling I’ve heard{NONE OF THESE}Sorry,I love songs but I don’t know any of these unless I know it& just don’t know the name but cool!

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