Pros and Cons of Being an Asian Blogger

three person riding bikes on green grass field

Do you feel like you’re an odd one out amidst all the talk about snow, American fast food chains, and more? Well, never fear for you aren’t alone.

Join me as I list out the pros and cons of being…. An Asian blogger. Also, tell me if you relate.

Also, sorry no image today- I’m in my grandma’s house and am running on data!! Maybe I’ll add one when I get home.


1. Different aka Special

While everyone else is talking about snow, you’re just like “Nah can’t relate.” But that also makes you stand out in the blogosphere.

2. Remembered

You’re remembered. No, not that you die but normally Asian bloggers are easier for me to remember. After all, how many Asian bloggers can you find?! 😉

3. Learning

When you’re an Asian blogger and everyone else isn’t, you really can learn loads of things from what they post. I’ve definitely been more exposed to the outside world than I was before I started blogging. For instance, learning about American Girl Dolls.

Honestly, I couldn’t find anymore so I decided to stop there.


1. Different

This point is a coin. Because just like a coin, it has 2 sides. This side is the… Not so good part. Because when you’re different, you sometimes feel awkward and out of place.

2. #Unrelatable

There are so many times I’ve read posts and I’m just like, “Nope can’t relate :/” It’s a little sad sometimes, but I guess I can learn new things from that.

3. Timezones

Sometimes timezones get in the way. For instance, chatting through comments or email. But there is one good point about this. You are technically ahead of time since some part of America are one day behind us . I don’t know how that is good but…

Even though sometimes the cons can be annoying and saddening, it’s still great to be an Asian blogger 🙂 I guess blogging is just quite an American thing.

How relatable was this??


20 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Being an Asian Blogger

  1. Cool. I’m a half Asian blogger from Canada so umm… I do find other Asian bloggers cool and relatable but I always felt like I was a westerner just cos I’ve been brought up here lol
    And I guess blogging is really American but NOT A REASON FOR OTHERS NOT TO TRY AND TAKE OVER hahaha
    xx lisa

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  2. Even though I’m not an Asian blogger, all of these apply to me too!!! I’m from Australia… and how many Aussie bloggers do you know?! There’s not a lot XD
    The timezones one really sucks doesn’t it! And I had no clue about AG Dolls either!! Rhi xxx

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  3. 1 tip: American Girl Dolls are the most stupid, annoying, unrelatable thing that exists. I truly don’t know why people blog about dolls and act as if they’re people. I mean, I’m 11 and there’s people older than me that have STARTED BLOGS about dolls. I don’t get it. Do you?


  4. Hm….. well I don’t really know much about them, but I think it’s okay that people are blogging about dolls if that’s what makes them happy and it’s what they want to do. I know you are merely stating your opinion, but maybe do it in sensitivity? 🙂 It might hurt others who love AG Dolls and blog about them. Thanks!


  5. Thank you i’m from America i’m not Asian but cool site!Would you want to check out mine?You have to search hobbies of all seasons though it says i don’t have a sight no more but i do?If you guessed it’s about hobbies,myself ,God,Sports etc!

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  6. I think it’s so cool how people from all across the world are into blogging! Discriminating is pointless; blogging is for everyone, it’s not an American invention or something 😂 Some of the coolest bloggers I know live on other continents! I love learning about other countries and cultures 💚

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