Trip Day 2

Sorry about no post yesterday; had to sleep early. Here are some photos from yesterday! With all those photos, maybe by now you'll know where I am. Since we're going back tomorrow, I'll be posting today and tomorrow's photos tomorrow. Favourite photo of Day 2?

Christmas Cards

Hey everyone! This year, my brother and I decided to mail Christmas cards to all my friends. I took some photos for you guys to see. My brother drew in some of the stuff and I wrote. The lighting is not so good, but I'm sure you can still see it. I also took a… Continue reading Christmas Cards


Interview with The Unknown Characters

Hey everyone! Today, I'll be doing something never before done on my blog- an interview with my characters! So my latest novel's title is The Unknown because I really had no other ideas. Anyway. Introducing my characters! Meet Ethan Cox, my MC. He is an orphan, and he trains at a special academy that sends out… Continue reading Interview with The Unknown Characters