Starling Says: God Cares

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Hi 🙂

If you remember, a while ago I had this sudden inspiration to start this wonderful series called “Starling Says” in which we discuss deep topics not-so-deep. They are meant to be encouraging and inspiring and, I just realised, a way to glorify God 🙂

Today’s topic is God Cares.

I felt like talking about this today because today, right after my Youth Service, one of the youth leaders came up to me and said she felt that she needed to pray for me.

After taking me aside, she told me she could sense that I felt “inadequate” and “not good enough” which is something I have been feeling for a little while.

By the way, it’s okay, I am not depressed or anything. I just feel like sometimes I am not good enough and other people would be better at “the job.”

Anyway, the youth leader then started to pray for me; I think it was possibly the most powerful prayer I have ever had someone pray for me before. It really moved and encouraged me greatly.

I went home with my heart full and contented- more than I have ever been in my life.

Guys, this happened because God Cares.

I didn’t talk to anybody about this small “problem” and didn’t think about praying about it. But God knew and cared enough to send somebody to reassure me and let me know that He is there and has great plans for me.

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So if you ever feel like you are “not good enough” and “inadequate” just remember that God has awesome plans for you and He will never let you down.

He will use you even if you think you aren’t “qualified” for the job, because with His help you are.

He will reassure you when you are worried or unsure.

He can use you as a living testimony someday just like how He is using me right now.

God Cares. 2 words. Such a simple yet powerful message.

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Have you ever felt “inadequate” and “not good enough”? How has God reassured you? Are you a living testimony for Him? How is He working in your life?


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12 thoughts on “Starling Says: God Cares

  1. I have often felt inadequate and not good enough. The first time it happened to me my older sister caught on and sat down to talk with me. She helped me learn how to communicate with people and more importantly, how to pray for myself when this happens.
    Great post!
    Larryn!!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Wow I love this – am in love with this – on so many levels, I connect with this greatly and woah, I’m just so happy you wrote this. I’ll definitely be looking forward to the rest of this series because the Word of God does need to be shared more than ever in this day and time. Thank you lovely 💕 keep it up

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