Series Week {Day 3} [Unfinished]

Series Week

We are back with the final post of Series Week! Welcome to Day 3 everybodyyy!

This post will have something slightly special for you if you read till the end! 😉

Lettuce begin with today’s series. The theme for today is: unfinished.

Basically series(es) I have yet to finish.

Hardy Boys

Image result for hardy boys series

*sorry for the bad quality but I believe these books are quite old.

“Hardy Boys! Hardy Boys! Hardy Boys!” cheers the crowd. Just kidding 😀 But this series is maybe my umm 4th or 5th favourite? (yes I list my series[es] in order of favourite) The mysteries and adventures they have are rather exciting (unlike some series[es] I can name) and soooooo captivating. I think I read the versions that have been modified to make it more modern so I’m not reading the original but that’s okay. I still love them.

But I’m not so hyped over them as I initially was anymore. Maybe that’s coz I can’t find anymore of the books and only have like 1/4 of the series…??

Definitely recommend.

Image result for red rock mysteries

Red Rock Mysteries

I only have number 1, 2, 4, and 5 from the Red Rock Mysteries series which disappoints me greatly. The local Christian bookstore here (named Canaanland!) only doesn’t have no. 3 and 6 which breaks off my collection of books 1-7 😦 But I’m really hoping that the books will be shipped in soon before my voucher expires because these books cost about 25-30 bucks here which is around 6-7 dollars for some of you guys. Cheap for you, not so cheap for me.

ANYWAY. If you haven’t already noticed, this series is Christian. Plus it’s mystery so that = Christian Mystery!! ❤ This is also in my top 5 favourite series(es)

I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of the books I have read so far and simply cannot wait to get the missing books…………. If I ever get them.


If you are a Christian and love reading mysteries or anything in general, this series is for you 🙂


Oh my word. I can’t believe it. This is the end of Series Week. It flew by soooo fast I could barely keep up with it!!

Thank you so very much to all those who have travelled through this week reading my little series ❤ It means a lot. Comment below if you read through all my posts!

If you missed them (or would like to re-read them), here are Days 1 and 2.

DAY 1    DAY 2

Remember I said I had a little something for you if you read all the way till here? HERE IT IS!

It is……. a survey for you to fill out.


Okay, it might not be the most exciting thing on earth but if you really love giving feedback (negative or positive) then kindly do fill out this lil’ survey for me!


To make you happier, here is a little quiz regarding Series Week as well! 😀

You might wanna review all 3 posts before starting. Don’t be pressured or disappointed if you got a low score, this is purely a “for fun” quiz. No cheating!!!



  • Your thoughts on this post
  • Use the questions below (if you want)
  • If you did the survey
  • Your scores on the quiz

Read any of the discussed series(es) today? Did you read through all my posts? What series(es) have you read that I didn’t mention throughout this series?


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