Series Week {Day 2} [Not-So-Enjoyed]

Series Week

Welcome back to Day 2 of Series Week! 🙂

Today, let’s run through two series(es) that were not-so-enjoyed by Starling. You might have a totally different opinion on them, and that’s totally fine.

Without further ado, let’s begin! Kindly direct your eyes further down below by scrolling with your mouse.

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The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

I am currently almost done reading the last book of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel. I sort of regretted reading these disappointing books.

Why am I so disappointed in these books, you ask? Well, firstly I felt there were too many characters. I honestly can’t keep track of them all. Secondly, the plot is just so-so. Sure, it’s adventure but I felt like Michael Scott could have spiced it up a little with his writing. Lastly, there’s too many happenings. It’s not the kind of lots-of-things-happening-but-I-get-what’s-going-on type but it’s the too-many-things-happening-that-are-unrelated kind. Maybe I don’t get how some events are related even though they actually are, but the plot was pretty messy if you ask me.

Plus also I can sort of foresee what is gonna happen next so it isn’t exciting.

I would have stopped reading this series at the last book but since I was almost done with it, I thought “I guess I just better finish off.” So here I am, trying my best to read through the last book as fast as possible without skipping anything.

Overall, I would not really recommend them to anyone but those who can keep track of about 20 characters, a messy plot, and too many new terms.

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Series of Unfortunate Events

I really don’t get what a big deal Series of Unfortunate Events is. I only read a few of these books and I already dislike it. Okay, I had to skip about 5-6 books ahead because I couldn’t find the rest so call me a quick-judger if you like but I could see the writing trend happening in the books and I didn’t like it.

So halfway through book 8 (the one I skipped all the way to) I just gave up on reading it. I know, what a quitter. But I just really couldn’t bring myself to read it anymore and felt that I was “forcing” myself to read it. Thus, I kept putting reading it off. In the end, I realised sometimes I just have to let go of something unbeneficial I am holding onto.

I was hooked on the first book, but the first book only. I guess the rest of the books was just downhill for me.

Another series I would not recommend 😦


This marks the end of Day 2 of Series Week! Thank you so much for bearing with my critics today 🙂

Wow, I feel so harsh. I apologise to anyone who feels offended if these two series(es) were your top favourite.

Day 3 coming soon!!!!!!

Have you read these series(es)? Thoughts on them? Will you read them? 



7 thoughts on “Series Week {Day 2} [Not-So-Enjoyed]

  1. Ugh, A Series Of unfortunate Events. I don’t blame you for not liking it, it was confusing. You had no clue what was happening. But I did enjoy reading the whole thing XD Ooh, have you heard of The Mother Daughter Book Club? It’s awesome! 😀 Love this series and can’t wait for the next!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. They were..
        I think you might like the Mother Daughter Book Club. It’s about 5 girls, all very different from each other, who have to join their mothers’ book club. There’s like 6 books in that series, I think? It was a great read!

        Liked by 1 person

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