Series Week {Day 1} [Enjoyed]

Series Week

Ayy people of the world! 😀

Welcome to Series Week! If you have been waiting all week to find out what Series Week is, THE TIME IS HERE! YOU SHALL FINALLY FIND OUT!

Series Week is basically an entire week in which I post all about the series(es) I’ve read. No, I’m not going to post for 5-6 days in a row. That would be insane. This is a three part series (hah, get it) so you’ll only see 3 posts from me this week, all regarding Series Week.

Today, I’ll be talking about 3 series-es I thoroughly enjoyed reading. You might find something in common with me here 😉

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Harry Potter

Let’s begin with Harry Potter. Much loved by children everywhere, this series is truly amazing. I seriously think my imagination started expanding more after I read these books.

JK Rowling pens every single detail neatly, and I guess it shows that plotting and outlining works. The books are all connected to each other somehow, and something that happens earlier or later in the series explains something else that happens in another part. It’s just pure magical (pun 2.0 of the day)

It’s definitely over-hyped, and people claim it’s dark magic. I don’t deny that fact, and I don’t embrace dark magic by reading these books. My pastor says we shouldn’t read books that have dark magic or horrors in them (like HP) because it technically encourages the devil and stuff but my parents allow it and we (my brother and I) know what’s wrong and right so all’s good. I hope.

This is just my personal opinion and you don’t have to like these books but at least give it a try and form your own opinion before simply creating a view on these books based on others’ reviews 🙂

Percy Jackson

Image result for percy jackson series

Give it up for………………… PERCYYYYYY JACKSONNNNN! *cheers* Before reading these books, I honestly thought Harry Potter were the best books I ever read and nothing was gonna change that. But then, I read Percy Jackson and fell in love with them. I still love Harry Potter, but it isn’t my favourite anymore. (lol it was only my favourite for half a year)

Percy is so witty and hilarious, plus everything is told from his point of view so that’s probably why I really enjoyed reading the series. I think if Annabeth or someone else told the story from their POV, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much.

I plan on getting my hands on the series following PJ (Heroes of Olympus) when I can. *rubs hands together*

But word of advice: Don’t watch the movies if you hate movies that 70-80% don’t follow the book. Because PJ falls into that category. -_-

But the books are over the top. I suggest you give them a try.

Land of Stories

Image result for land of stories series

I simply adore Land of Stories. If you remember your childhood fairytales and poems, you would probably have liked to hear how those characters turned out when they grew up. THIS SERIES HAS IT ALL! It covers almost all the childhood stories and poems I can remember and how the characters in them grow up to be.

Plus, I love watching the main characters in the book grow throughout the books because I felt that their change was the most obvious compared to HP and PJ and all other series(es) I’ve read.

Chris Colfer has a really wild imagination and writes each chapter in a way that makes you want to keep reading. (and yes, I can testify to the fact that these books are slightly addictive XD)

WARNING: In the last book there is a really smol mention of LGBT, but only in one sentence. It is still there though, but doesn’t play a major part in the story at all. Not even a minor one. Just a heads up if you ever consider reading the last series.


Annnnnd that’s a wrap for today’s series(es)! 😀 These series(es) were the ones I enjoyed most among the series(es) I’ve read in my lifetime.

Yes I know that probably isn’t a lot but I’m looking into reading Maze Runner, the Hunger Games, and maybe the Divergent series?

Stay tuned for the rest of Series Week! 🙂

Have you read HP, PJ, or LOS? Give me a high five if you have read all three of them!! If you have read them, what are your thoughts on Maze Runner, Hunger Games, and Divergent?


13 thoughts on “Series Week {Day 1} [Enjoyed]

  1. *high five* I’ve read them all! 😄
    I would say to watch out before you buy the second series of Percy Jackson. I loved it up to book 4, when it starts talking about gay stuff and RUINS THE WHOLE SERIES. I can’t buy a series without all the books! *glares at books* The story was amazing the whole way through, so I would say that you could still read them; just not buy them. Ya know? 😛

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