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Hay there!

*pun intended*

Time to reveal the answers to the Random Quiz I posted a week or so ago.

Your answers were pretty funny and I really enjoyed reading them. Thanks for taking the quiz! πŸ˜€

My comments are in italics.


Q: If humans drink water, what do cows drink?

A: Water

This might be a dumb question but when it was asked to someone at some event (as part of a game) he answered “Milk.” The whole audience erupted in laughter.

You guys all got it right; such smart people!

Q: What is in the middle of water?

A: The letter “T”

Some of you answered “H2O”, “Water”, and “Water molecules.” They aren’t wrong, but these are trick questions so……

Q: What can you break but not fix?

A: An egg

Answers given included a sweat, glass, myself (what??), silence, a word, your promise, someone’s heart, and the law. Indeed all these are correct but then again, the intended answer was “an egg.”

Q: Mary lives in a pink single story house with pink floors, pink carpets, pink grass, pink doors, pink windows, pink tables, pink bed, pink blanket, pink pillow, pink TV, pink sofa, pink cat, pink walls, pink curtains, pink EVERYTHING! What colour are the stairs?

A: There are no stairs.

Once again, everyone gets it right! πŸ˜€ Someone asked “Why is the cat pink” and I honestly can’t say why, I just decided to make it pink for fun XD

Q: How is it possible that every single person on the plane died but two survived?

A: Because they were married.

Answers given included: it isn’t, NOT POSSIBLE PEOPLE *WAVES ARMS*, they jumped out with parachutes, they weren’t in the crash, idk, and memes are lit (this isn’t even relatable!)

Q: Which side are a leopard’s spots on?

A: The outside πŸ˜‰

A few of you got it right. I’m actually a little surprised at the amount but eh.
Q: Which one is correct? β€œPenguins flies” or β€œA Penguin flies”?

A: Neither. Penguins don’t fly.

Someone said “Um is this a tv show or something?” and no it isn’t, but if you’d like it to be it’s possible.

Q: A rooster lays an egg on top of a chicken coop. Which side did the egg roll down?

A: Roosters don’t lay eggs.

Some answers included: it never fell off, the slanted side, whaaaat?, and my chicken coop has a flat roof.

Q: A boy kicks a soccer ball ten feet and it comes back to him by itself. How is this possible?

A: He kicked it up.

Answers given included: because he kicked it wrong, he kicks it into a wall, because somebody kicked it to him, *shrugs*, no idea, he has a boomerang soccer.

Q: What has a head and tail, but no body?

A: A coin.

Some of you said: a bed, a pocket watch, a snake (it has a body by the way, just no limbs) a snake cut in half, Kim Kardashian, and this question.

And we are donnnne!

It was rather hilarious to see the responses you guys came up with and kudos to you if you got it all right! πŸ˜€

Once again, thank you to everyone who took the quiz- if you haven’t done it and already read this post, I’m really sorry. You can still do it if you like.

Did some of the answers surprise you?


43 thoughts on “Random Quiz Answers

    1. Ohh no it doesn’t hahah. So you see, the question was “Every SINGLE person on the plane died.” But 2 didn’t coz they were MARRIED (not single) The question played around with the word single. So don’t worry about not being married the next time you board a plane XP

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