Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Happy Merdeka

Direct translation of the above: Happy Independence Day!

Hey guys!

Today is Malaysia’s Independence Day and I decided to dedicate a whole post to that.

I’m not going to do a post all about patriotic stuff like politics, staying loyal to the country, and whatnot.

Instead, I’ll talk about what Malaysia means to me. I pray this won’t be cringy 😛

I have been born and bred as a Malaysian. I am 100% Malaysian and nothing’s gonna change that. I love the food we have here, the people, the diversity, and so much more.

Image result for malaysian people races

Of course, Malaysia has flaws. There are plenty of ways Malaysia can improve. Which country doesn’t?? But that’s what makes Malaysia unique.

We have many many many different celebrations and festivals, whole year round. Different races can all live on the same street in harmony. The food here is gorgeous.

Image result for malaysian food

We also have successful, inspiring, and amazing athletes, many currently participating in the Asian Games.

Image result for malaysian athletes

Malaysia is my home. Even if I wanted to change that, I can’t. I know, I can just go to some office and change my nationality, but deep down, I would still be Malaysian.

Once a Malaysian, Always a Malaysian


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