Selamat Hari Merdeka!

Direct translation of the above: Happy Independence Day! Hey guys! Today is Malaysia's Independence Day and I decided to dedicate a whole post to that. I'm not going to do a post all about patriotic stuff like politics, staying loyal to the country, and whatnot. Instead, I'll talk about what Malaysia means to me. I pray… Continue reading Selamat Hari Merdeka!


Hey hey hey! Guess what?! I just hit 400 followers! I now have 400 WP followers and 3 email followers. Wooooohooooooo! all my amazing followers 🙂 ❤ Shoutout to my most recent follower, livelivingnow. And I managed to scroll all the way down my list of followers and found that Enni was my first… Continue reading 400 Followers

The Weekend

Aloha Pineapples! Well well well. Looks like I disappeared mysteriously again. Sorry about that. *avoids the disgusting rotten tomatoes thrown at me* Hey hear me out guys. You wanna know what really happened to me and why I couldn't blog?! FINE. YOU ASKED FOR IT. Cue Flashback. |SATURDAY| So on Saturday, my friend suddenly asked… Continue reading The Weekend

Starling the Blog Turns One [Delayed Celebration] {Part 3} |IT’S A WRAP|

Hello people! I'm back with the FINAL part of my 1 year anniversary celebrations. Sorry I dragged it so long >.< Sydney and I had actually planned to do a collab together because her anniversary was about one week (give or take) before mine. But then............ HEHEHE just kidding. School got in the way, so… Continue reading Starling the Blog Turns One [Delayed Celebration] {Part 3} |IT’S A WRAP|

Starling the Blog Turns One! [Delayed Celebration] {Part 2}

Hello hello! Look who decided to post after a week of absence. Well, if you paid attention to the title, you would notice that PART 2 OF MY BLOGIVERSARY CELEBRATION IS HEREEEEE!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that for my next phase of this blog's birthday, I REDESIGNED IT! I changed everything-… Continue reading Starling the Blog Turns One! [Delayed Celebration] {Part 2}