Starling’s Randomness #11

Starling's Randomness

Hello everybody!

Oh wow, it has been more than 2 months since I last posted a “Starling’s Randomness.”

Let’s get into it.


We Won CPC!

Well, that wasn’t surprising since we won by a margin of 59 points. The turn up this year was not as impressive as last year, and I honestly have no idea why. I guess it’s just the timing??

Also, I feel like I do not deserve this award. I only posted once. Once, for goodness’ sake, once.

Make sure you sign up next year though (if Carol is ever gonna host another one)


Enni Has Another Blog

Enni, the owner of the blog, On the Wings of a Dream, and famous for suddenly creating new blogs has started another blog. Girl, how do you keep up with so many?!?

Her new blog is called Crafted Imagination, and she will post DIYs, crafts, and things like that. You should check it out.

Calling for Reporters!

If you have a pet at home that would love to blog, you can head on over to join this collab blog called Pawsome Press which…….. you guessed it. Is also owned by Enni.

You can sign up here. Make sure you can commit first though! 😉 Don’t be like me, post a few times on a collab blog and suddenly want to leave. And now I can’t even leave because I don’t know where the founder of that collab blog went to and I don’t know how to remove myself from there. HELP??!

Annnnnd that’s all we have for today.

We’re gonna have another surprise party for my friend today. More on that later.

Does anybody know how to remove themselves from a blog??

Starling sign off #2

P.S Part 2 of Starling the Blog Turns One is coming out soon! Stay tuned for it.


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